How to cheat character unlocks in Smash Bros Ultimate

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“Everybody. It s alex here from vg 24. 7. And i just wanted to give give you a couple of quick tips about unlocking characters in super smash brothers.

Ultimate intend no switch now if you don t know you only start with eight of the 76 characters unlocked when you first boot this game up so that s a lot of unlocking to do so just to rundown. It here s the natural way to do it and then i m going to tell you how you can treat a bit. So the natural way is one you can unlock characters in world of light. That s the story mode.

When you unlock a character over there they get unlocked for the rest of the game. Every single time you complete classic mode. You get a random encounter with a new challenger. If you then beat them in that challenge you can unlock them for the rest of the game.

Finally. There s random character unlocks and play in the game in general roughly speaking for every 10 minutes or so that you play you get given another random character encounter in exactly the same way as classic mode..

I also want to point out that if you don t actually succeed in beating a character. When they show up this way and you lose then they will show back up in a menu option that s called challengers approach and that appears on the games. And more menu of the game in the bottom right. And that also is on a timer so if you get an encounter of someone and lose don t expect to actually encounter them again until you ve played some more the game.

Then the challengers approach will appear anyway. There s two ways you can sort of speed this system up one is just gaming. The system a little bit the other is outright cheating so let s go for the gaming. One first so what you can do is play world of light.

Which world of light is full of character unlocks anyway and then every 10 to 15 minutes just save and back out of world of light. All the way to the main menu and each time that happens you ll get a challenger approach. Now that s really useful because world of light has character unlocks and the challenger approaches character unlocks. So that means between the two you ll be constantly unlocking new characters and you ll do it much more quickly than if you just play world of life or if you just play through classic mode or if you just you know wait for the encounter timer to run down.

So yeah. That s a really good way of doing it play world alive for 10 15 minutes boot out to the main menu get your character unlock and then back into world of light and rinse and repeat..

Now if you want to cheat there s a way to do so it s still timely. But it s it s useful so basically like i said those new encounters with characters they run on a timer and that timer is we don t know exactly what it is but it feels like it s in the region of ten minutes. However that timer doesn t reset straight away. When you unlock.

A new character. So here s what you do in a step by step thing if you want to cheat this trigger a fighter encounter. Easiest way to do that is to go into world of a light and play a few matches and then back out of world of light as i just described. When you actually get to that character unlock unlock that character win.

The fight then you ll get a big splash screen that says such and such joins. The fight. So. Let s say ridley joins.

The fight right on that screen press home on your switch. And then on the home menu close smash brothers just shut it off then boot smash brothers..

Again once you re back in smash. The timer hasn t been reset. So the thing to do now is to head into smash rock mode. And what the best thing to do is to set the rules for a one stock smash match just you and a cpu one stock pick a character you re comfortable with and then if you want to make it really quick don t even play the match just throw yourself off the side of the stage as soon as that match is over and you ve seen the victory screen.

You ll have another character it encounter. Because the timer hasn t reset. And you re still do one. So.

Then you can beat that fight and then when you get the splash screen saying that that character s join the fight press home reboot your switch again well not you d have to reboot your switch. But reboot the game again and then when the game loads up head back in smash mode boot up your one stock match again throw yourself off the screen again. And you ll get a never encounter and you can repeat this as many times as you want you can repeat this sixty eight times to get the entire cast unlocked this way if you want it s a bit bit cheaty. But this way unlocking all the characters in this game could take anywhere between naturally six ten hours maybe even 12 hours if you do that if you do it this way with the cheating you can streamline that right down to two two and a half hours.

So if you really just want to get characters on like the multiplayer that s the best way to do it so yeah. That s my little bit on how to unlock characters..

Nice little cheat there and smash is really good so i can t blame you for wanting to get all the characters as quick as you can do stick around on the channel. If you want more stuff like this give us a like give us a subscribe if you enjoy this sort of stuff. We ve got plenty more smash videos already up and plenty more to come. Yeah.

And don t forget to visit vg. 24. 7. Com2.

You ve got plenty of guides and other stuff about the unlocks in smash there too anyway until next time ” ..

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