How to connect a wireless headset to a phone with no headset port.mp4

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“I m darren page from headsets for business. This video is how to connect a a wireless headset. This case ehs. 1910 to a telephone.

Which does not does not a dedicated headset for ie. There is no where on the side or underneath to actually put a wired or wireless headset into okay. So. The first thing to do is we work on the principle that you ve seen that the the basic set up video.

Which shows you how to set the actual wireless headset up and charge. It so this has been fully charged. I ve chosen the headband okay. And what we need to do now is to bring in the the one lead that we need.


Which is the orange lead okay place the orange lead into the orange button at the back. Which says there we go plus in there we then turn the phone upside down. Where your curly cord goes in at the back at the back of the phone. There sometimes it s on the side of the phone with this case on the meridian phone.

It s underneath undo that okay this then goes into the light blue that s the light blue. I m just on the very end um headset headset plug plug that in okay. Then left with one end for the off the orange lead that goes into where the curly cord was previously and it s as simple as that that s now connected or creates a loop between the phone with no dedicated headset port and the wireless doral hs 1910. Lz okay couple of things to make sure before you actually use the headset.

The first is on here. There are a series of lights and icons top one which is the phone mode the middle one which is where it s on now as you can see the red light on there. Which shows a little receiver and an arrow pointing up and that is a registration won t have to worry about any of those but the middle one if for any reason. It isn t the red light is not next to the icon.


You can press this button here. Which is next to the mic button. It looks a little bit like series of four lines and if you press that it will go up and down all you do is choose that middle one okay. That s the correct setting it usually by default it will be on there.

But if it isn t that s how to do it okay. Clear your headset on and simply lift the receiver on the phone. And you should hear a dial tone. If you don t hear a dial tone press.

The button on the side of the headset just once and to make sure that the headset is switched on okay. You should then hear a dial tone. So if you if if a calls incoming. Now that the phone s ringing.


You would just simply. You have your headset on lift the receiver and it would go through to you to your headset. And it s as simple as that you finish. The call you put it down okay.

If for any reason. The you get one way speech or the volume isn t very clear or even the line isn t very clear the dial tone on the side of the headset here on the base station. Rather you have a series of letters a to g. The default.

Which is a factory setting is on d innate sense of cases that will be more than sufficient and it will be fine occasionally you ll get a brand or model of phone. Which you need to just change. Those until. You hear the best dial tone and then try the call again or get someone to give you a quick ring in the office.


And see. Which is the best setting for you okay please don t forget when you re going out for lunch are you going home at night. Replace headset on the base station and charger to ensure a continuous and full charge. Thank you for listening.

I m darren page. That s headsets number for business co. But uk headsets for business co uk thanks for listening. ” .


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