HOW to Connect AirPods to PS4 in SECONDS! [2020

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“So today i m gonna show you guys how to connect your air pods into into your ps4. Now for this solution is very easy. And very cheap as well as you can see here. I do have the original air pods.

Here the first and second generation. And i also have the air pods pro generation. Which it could be connected with no problem. So let me start off by connecting my ear pods.

Pearl okay. So the first thing you re going to need is a bluetooth adapter here. This adaptor is very easy to install and very small as well this is for the ps4 and this adapter cost around 10 or so and i m gonna include the title of this adapter on the description down below. So this is how the doctor comes here let me start by taking out the adapter and showing you guys how to connect it to your ps4 and your bluetooth headphones as you can see we do have a manual here but i m gonna show you guys how to connect it on this video.

We do have the usb adapter and we do have the ox adopter here for the usb you want to connect it to your playstation. 4. And you wanna make sure your playstation..


4. Is on so let me start by doing that right now connect to your ps4. So right now. The light is blinking blue.

Which is a good thing now from here there is a button on top that you can press to pair any bluetooth devices. So you want to hold on the button here for a couple of seconds into the blue light starts flashing fast so right now the blue light is flashing. Faster than usual. You want to get your ear pods.

Here and you want to open the air pods up and on the back pairing button here you want to click on this button and hold it so let me start right. Now. 1 2. 3.

4. 5. And the white light should be blinking right about now and both of these should be able to connect any second and as you can see here..


The blue light has stopped blinking and they did a solid and once the light has turned off on the air pod or on the original air pod just hold it for five seconds. And it should be and it should give you the same exact process. Now from here you want to get one of your controllers. And you want to pair the controller into your ps4.

Once your controller is paired. You want to get your aux adapter. You want to connect it at the bottom. All right.

Now. Once everything has been connected you want to get your air pots. You want to put them on now once it s connected you want to go to your account. Then from here you want to go all the way up and then you want to go to your settings.

Then if you want to go all the way down or it saves devices you want to go to audio devices once you go to audio devices for the input device you want to make sure it s clicked on headset connected to controller then for the output device you want to make sure it s connected to the usb headphones with the usb audio device once that s been checked then you want to go you want to check here for your microphone level and right now. I m talking with my ear pods well as soon as i m talking as you can see here. The light bar is going side to side so you want to make sure everything..


It s good so as you can see here i m i m on the low settings. And it s i could barely hear my voice. But if i go to the middle. I could hear my voice more and if i go all the way high.

I could hear my voice a little bit a bit louder. But you want to put it on good that s a good average option alright so once you adjusted your microphone level you want to click enter. Then you want to click yeah. Now this is just your volume for the headphones then for the output you want to click on show all audio chat audio only means that you re gonna have to use the microphone only whenever you want to chat in game.

But our audio means that you could hear the chat. The game play. And you could also chat as well so you want to click on all audio to hear the audio want to leave this option check. Here.

Then you want to go back. And from here. Your your headset should be working perfectly fine with your ps4..


So i just took on my ear pods. And yes. The microphone. Works the audio works and the noise cancellation on the air pods work as well.

So. If you want to have the noise. Cancellation on on the air pods pro. You could enable this option by clicking by pressing.

The side stamps. Here alright guys so i hope you found this video. Useful. And hopefully that this video helped you out with your air pod situation.

And if this video helped you out make sure to like and subscribe and i will catch you guys on the next video. ” ..

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