How to convert a PDF to Final Draft (with Highland)

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“A screenwriter you often have situations where you have a pdf of a screenplay that that you d like to edit the problem is you can t just drag it final draft final draft doesn t know what to do with it. So you have to find another way to handle it let s take a look at this pdf and see what we got so. Here. You see it it is a 114 page pdf and most importantly this pdf has selectable text.

It s not just a bunch of images that it really is text underneath here now in an earlier tutorial. I showed you how you could select all the text. Copy and paste it into final draft and with a lot of reformatting and a lot of you know elbow grease you could make something that looked pretty good today..


I want to show you a better easier way to do this. If you have a macintosh. So here. We re gonna take this exact same pdf rather than dragging it into final draft we re gonna drag it onto highland which is an app if for the mac app store this is it that s real time i didn t speed this up what it s done is it s taken the whole document and ripped it all out of the pdf into editable text it sort of melted.

The pdf down every time you do this with highland. It gives you the option to send a report card about how well that process went so different pdfs might have different outcomes. But usually it s pretty good we re about two years into hyaline right now and it does a great job with most of these files..


So we won t send a report card. This time now what you see here is the actual test and everything is on the left hand margin. But highly distorted. If it really doesn t know what those pieces are so if we click over here on the preview.

This is the script highlight has gone through the whole pdf and built a brand new document based on it so you have this document. Let s say you want to put this out as a final draft file just click down here choose f final draft fdx. Let s give it a name and save here s the file..


When we re all done so. This is the exact same document. We started with it as a pdf now. It s all melted down into an workable final draft file that we can do whatever we need to do with it.

So that s the simple solution. I think for taking a pdf and melting it down to an editable i ll deduct file you can find highland in the mac app store best bet is just to search for highland right. There highland is actually a full featured editor and screenwriting application..


But the ability to melt and edit pdfs is one of the special things only highland can do so. If you have that situation with a macintosh. A pdf and you need to convert it into an editable screenplay. ” .


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