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“To learn how to customize your nmixer profile in this video right here i m m gonna show you exactly how to ncustomize your mixer channel. So you can stand let s dive in what s going on nit s your boy santana with lions among sheep. When i bring you guys the best nstreaming tips and tricks. If it s your first time hearing you want to learn how nto grow and improve your stream and personal brand.

Subscribe to my channel nand hit the notification bell. So you can be notified. When i upload a new video nevery single tuesday. So many mixer streamers take this part of the channel nfor granted.

And it s one of the key elements to grow on mixer. It allows your naudience to know who you are what your stream is about and it s also one of the nmain things that mixer looks at when they re reviewing partnership napplications. So follow along with this video and take the time to do this right nso. The first thing.

We want to do is we want to go ahead and add an actual mixer npicture on your profile. So to do this access your broadcast dashboard on the nleft hand side you want to select customize and here on the right you re ngonna. See. It says avatar.

Now the recommended size is 512 by 512. So we re ngonna use a free software call it canva and you can find the link in the ndescription below to go ahead and create our mixer picture. So once you re on ncanva you want to go ahead and create an account or login. If you already have one nonce you re logged in you want to select create a design custom dimensions and we nwant to input 512 by 512 which is recommended by mixer once you re here on nthe left hand side you want to select upload and you want to go ahead and nselect and upload an image of yourself.

Which is preferred and i have one here nof me already you want to drag it over drop it in there and now you want to nselect publish and download download your image and while this is downloading nnow you can go ahead and go to mixer click on upload an image and you simply nwant to go ahead and upload the image that we just simply created adjust it to nyour liking and then select upload and now you have na mixer picture on your actual profile so the next thing we want to focus on is nyour social thumb no and you re offline banner image. So naccess your broadcast dashboard on the left hand side select customize and here non. The right side. You re gonna see your social thumbnail now this is the image nthat you re gonna see when you re sharing your stream on sites like ntwitter or facebook.

So you can see here. The recommended size is 405 by 2 30. So nyou can come to canva type. In the recommended dimensions and start ncreating that actual image now your next.


One is gonna be your channel background nnow. This one is not really seen. But you can use a stock mixer image just like me njust to have something there the one. I really want to spend the most time on is nyour offline image as this contributes to the actual growth and what people see nwhen you re not online.

There are three key things you want to include your nsocial media your schedule your logo or your brand or something to reflect your nstream. So this can be easily created inside of canva you can see the nrecommended size is 1280 by 720 so you can come to canva select create design ncustom dimensions type in 1280 by 720 create design. You can type in offline nselect. One of the free images.

Here and now you can just simply go ahead and ncustomize things to your liking have the social media and now the only thing you nneed to add on here is your actual schedule. So how do we go ahead. And do nthat you come to text add a heading and here you can add your your schedule as nyou. See fit so let s say for example you do monday nwednesday friday you know i mean from 2 to 6 pm.

You can type that there and nthen you can simply move it and now customize everything just by simply nclicking on it and making the adjustments. Once you ve completed this nactual image added. The creativity at you want your colors your images whatever nthe case may be you simply want to download it and once you download it you nwant to go ahead and select upload and now that image is there so the next nthing. We want to discuss is your actual channel intro and your social media nprofiles.

So we want to go ahead and access your broadcast dashboard and then you nwant to come to the left hand side and select customize now here at the top nyou re gonna see information now your channel intro. You want it to be nsomething. Very short maybe two to three sentences describing what your channel nis about and then on the bottom. You see where it says your social profiles these nare.

The social medias that you want to showcase on your mixer channel. So that nway your viewers can follow you on these other channels. So you want to use nchannels that you re actively active on don t add channels that you don t nregularly use so for example i ve added twitter facebook youtube and instagram nthese are the channels that i am active on so to simply add them you want to nclick the plus symbol and since i ve already had these added they re now ngonna appear here. But let s say for example.

You have a soundcloud you simply njust want to put the link of the social profile. There and select save and once nyou hit save now the social profiles are gonna appear on your actual channel so ntake a moment think about your channel intro and think about the social media. Nprofiles. You want to display that you re active on and before we move forward go nahead and comment below with your mixer channel.


So i can go ahead and check it nout so now we re gonna dive in to the main aspect of customizing your mixer nprofile which is your channel description so go ahead and go to your nbroadcast dashboard on the left hand side select customize and now here nyou re gonna see the channel description section. So the key things you want to nincorporate in your channel description is an about section your actual schedule nyour chat rules your donation your social media and your merch or anything nthat. You re gonna be promoting these are the things that mixer looks for when nthey re reviewing partnership applications now that you know the key nelements. You must have in your channel description.

How do we go ahead and ndesign. The actual panels for the description. So there s three ways that nwe can go ahead and do this we can use canva. Which is the free tool.

We ve been nusing throughout this video you can go to nerd or die. And the link will be in nthe description to get the free panels made or you can use brian. Which is the nguy who designed my overlays my panels and his nemail being the description below where you can reach out and ask them for any ncustom work that you actually want so i m gonna break down these two nadditional steps here for you so under canva you can come to create a ndesign and you want it create you want to make this 320 by 85. And you want to nselect create a design and this is gonna be very simple you don t need to get nvery complicated you want to use your color schemes.

So we simply want to go nahead and let s say we re gonna create a chat rules panels. So i simply want to ncome to elements right i want to go ahead and select let s say for example nwhen. It s like this square. I m just gonna drop the square in here.

And we ll njust make it very very simple do not complicate things nwe ll make this black. Let s say i want the background to be yellow nwe ll make it yellow and then always simply want to do is i say we want to nadd some text so we ll click text and we ll type in chat rules we ll type in nchat rules. Now this is way too big. I like to use the font called oswald.

It s nvery easy to read use that and now you can go ahead and drag this put. Chat. Nrules and now let s say for example. I want an icon here ni can go to elements.

I can type in social besides. I ve been social and nlet s say i want to use this i can go ahead and click this add it in here and nnow simply. I ve simply created an actual panel for natural mixers. So now let s nsay.


This is the panel we want to use i want to go ahead and click download and nnow. I ve downloaded that actual panel and you can go ahead and delete this and nyou can make this say social and download that and make every single npanel look exactly the same so that way it s within brand and you can just nchange this icon and change the actual text now if you want to use nerd or die. Nit s another way to be able to use it you want to come to their website. Once nagain.

The link is in the description. You want to come to resources free resources. Nswitch panel maker now although using it from mixer. You still can use this free.

Ntool and simply you can select the actual color that you want the left to nbe you can select the color you want on the left you can select the color of nyour actual text and this can be chat rules you can select the actual icon the nsize of the actual text and then you simply want to go ahead and name the nfile. Let s say chat rules and select download now where says add padding. I nalways leave that as yes that way when you add text under this panel. It s not nso close together and then you simply select download and now we ve downloaded nour actual panels completely free using canva and using nerd or die and of ncourse.

If you want something a little bit more custom feel free to reach out nto brian his emails and description below and he ll help you out with ncreating. Some custom panels for your actual channel. So to go ahead and add nthe actual panels that we created onto your actual channel description you want nto come and select edit. Once you select.

Edit you want to come nand. Select. Here this little image icon and that s gonna allow you to add an nimage. However.

The only way to add this image to your description is by having nan actual link so i m gonna show you right now. How you can go ahead and nupload the actual image and acquire this link that you need for mixer. So we re ngonna use a free website called flickr. And i think.

It is gonna be in the ndescription below. And you want to go ahead and create an account or if you nalready have one simply go ahead and log in so i m gonna go ahead and get logged nin here and once i m logged in i want to go ahead and select this little cloud nicon to upload the images that we created so i m gonna go ahead and click nupload. And i m gonna go ahead and upload the actual chat rules that we went ahead nand created and once you ve uploaded select upload photo select upload and nnow we want to go ahead and click on the actual image so you want to click on the nimage and here you re gonna see a down arrow. You want to select this here you nwant to click view all sizes.


And now the best way nto get the link is you want to right click. And say open image in new ntab. Once you open up image. A new tab at the top bar in the url.

There s gonna be na link you want to simply copy that link you want to come back to mixer. And you nsimply want to paste that link in and now the image is now here. And you simply njust repeat and duplicate the actual process to add those additional panels non. There now you may be wondering what are these blue links here now in order nfor.

You to add links to your actual mixture profile. Let s say for example. I nwant to do i want to make mixer. Com.

Clickable you want to highlight it and nyou want to click this little infinity sign here. And now you want to go ahead. Nand type. In the url.

Which is mixer comm and select ok. And now this link is nactual clickable. Once you re done adding your panels and adding your links and nyour description and your bowel and filling out everything that you need you nsimply want to select save and now your channel description has been updated and nnow. You ve officially completed 100 your profile for mixer.

Giving. You the nbest opportunity to stand out now that you know how to customize your mixer nchannel how do you improve and grow i ve created a mixer streaming checklist with nsome handy tips to get you started off on the right track the link to download nthe checklist is below if you like this video please let me know by liking it nbelow. Subscribe and share. It with a fellow streamer and comment.

Below with nhelpful. If this video helped you i ll ” ..

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