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“There s also an elevator. Yeah. Baby you wanna dance. You wanna dance with me me nala.

You want to dance with me you want to tell you i should know she made the lens blurry. Now that you want to dance with me. You wanna dance with me you want to dance with me harriett serenella. That s that s not how are you going i m about to teach you how to dance eating my fingers guys.

I am totally out of shape that s that s one piece of information. I will be telling you today. I m out of shape. I need to go to the gym mm hmm.

But i don t really want to maybe has to just play some just dance or something get me into the mood..

You know ladies and gentlemen today. I wanna. I want to talk to you guys about something all right you re ready for this so last year or maybe two years ago. I made a video which is called how to dance i wanted to show you guys how to do the jelly dance.

And if you haven t seen that video because you subscribed into recent months. Let me just show you and watch it together. Right so the first how to dance video. In brackets kind of has.

13 million views alright so obviously 13. Million views is quite a lot of views and i m pretty sure a lot of people found this tutorial. Very useful because it s a very good dancing tutorial let me just show you guys this video. Oh my god did you guys.

See my neck..

There i can still do it look oh. This was still at the time where me and jordy were living together. I don t know if you knew that but me and quibble cop actually lived together for about a year and this is july 2015. So yeah.

It s like two years ago. Wow that was one hell of a fail. I thought something epic was going to happen there. But i got so disappointed.

I m talking about oh hey night purse yeah. I was just showing my subscribers how to dance. Huh. Yeah.

You do it like this like this now obviously that was one hell of a dance right there so that was back then i called this..

The jelly dance by the way. I m sweating a lot. I m sorry about that back then i called this the jelly dance. It s the iconic dance.

I used to do in my videos now i don t know why but i decided to make a second episode on this dance. So this one is called how to dance feet. That s right all right so back in 2015 back in 2016. The jelly dance used to be a very big thing i kind of stopped doing it i m not exactly sure why i stopped doing it.

But i i stopped okay. I think we need to come up with a new jelly dance. The jelly dance 2017 all right guys. So i am going to the just dance world cup auditions in london on the 30th of september.

So you might be like jelly..

Why are you going there well. I want you guys to come along and show your amazing dance skills to me. If you think you ve got the new jelly dance in you and come along come to london on the 30th of september. I believe a link in the description with all the information on how to join the just dance world cup auditions so please come and join sorry your amazing dance skills.

I know you ve got it inside of you i can see it oh a second so yeah guys i hope you enjoyed watching me watching my old videos cuz. I had a blast. I had a great time don t forget to click in the first link on the description. Some of what you got guys show me what you got alright jelly out later alligator.

” ..

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