How to Draw Digitally for Beginners in Manga Studio 5/Clip Studio Paint Part 1

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“Everyone i am starting a new series that shows my digital drawing process and will will give some tips on drawing visually and what tools i use and how i them the drawing tablet. I am using is a wacom cintiq. They are very expensive so if you are just starting out. I recommend using something more like this i ll have links to where you can buy them in the description below.

So let s get started so first. I m going to make a new canvas. And i m going to do that by clicking file. And then clicking new you can also create a new canvas by pressing ctrl n.

On the keyboard or by pressing. The new button right. There now a window pops up you can change the file name and change the canvas size. I am going to have it set at a resolution of 350 dpi on the lower the resolution.

It tends to look a little bit more pixel ii. And if your canvas is small. So. If you have low resolution and your canvas is small the picture is going to look pixely.

So you don t want it to be too small. I m going to have it at a 6 for size and 350 dpi for resolution. If you press the button on the side of the two arrows. It will make it toggle between being portrait and landscape.

I m going to have it landscape for this tutorial. Now. I am going to use the g pen. First.

Doing my rough sketch and sketching. Um. You can find the pen area by pressing p. On the keyboard.

Now before we get started with sketching. I want to talk a little bit about layers layers are like clear sheets of paper..

Where you can kind of stack them on top of each other. And you ll still see the thing down below. And you won t affect the thing on the first layer so on this first layer. I m going to drop a heart and kind of fill it in a little bit.

And then i m going to add another layer by pressing the new raster layer button down at the bottom. And we will see another layer pop up right. There layer two and i am going to draw a red heart on this layer and it will not affect the layer underneath. Which is really cool because if you make a mistake.

It doesn t really matter as long as it as long as it is on a different layer now if i drag the red heart layer under the black heart layer. We will see that the red heart goes under the black heart and if i drag it above the black heart. Then it s going to be above it again now let s get rid of those layers. Because we do not need them.

And i will create a new layer and start sketching something now i sometimes split my canvas. I press the button right up there to flip my canvas. I do this to check for errors or sometimes just to make it easier on my wrist. Now you might see some things kind of disappear.

I am. Pressing the undo button you can do this by pressing ctrl z on the keyboard or you can also press the undo button at the top now. I m going to use the move layer tool you can find it by pressing k. I m going to move my sketch down into more of the center of the canvas.

Now what s really nice about working on in the computer is that you can transform things i m going to use a selection tool. I m using the lasso marquee. You can find the lasso marquee by pressing m. And i draw around the area that i want to transform and it allows me to make changes to it without having to completely redraw.

It now i m going to go to edit transform and free transform you can also do this by pressing control. Shift t. And i m just going to kind of tweak. Some things you ll see me do this quite a bit now that my rough sketch is almost complete.

I m going to lower the opacity of the layer by moving the dial on that slider right there i m going to lower the opacity. I m also going to change my sketch to blue by pressing layer color in the layer properties area..

You might be in the layer search area so to find it make sure you are in the layer properties area. And if i click that button it will turn it blue. I like to turn my sketches blue just because it makes it easier to see the refining details now i m going to add another layer above my rough sketch layer and do a more detailed cleaner sketch. I often like to rotate my canvas.

When i am sketching just to for it to be easier on my wrists. Again and i do that by pressing the little circles up in the navigator. This video is kind of an experimentation. Let me know what you think if you want to see more um.

What kind of things do you want me to talk about if you want me to go more in depth on certain topics. Please leave a comment down below. And i will try to do a video on it my next video will talk about customizing. The different tools and my pen settings and how i do the liner.

Thank you all so much for watching. And i ll see you in my next. enough are can trust him. I see the title is a jerk.

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