How to enable Google Now in any country L/M/N (no root)

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“Guys welcome back to another tutorial today. I ll be showing you how to enable enable google now in any country. So it doesn t matter. Which country you are in the world.

Well this procedure applies to any country that you re in you will be able to use google now in no time. The steps are really simple so without any further ado let s begin step one make sure to remove your sim card. This first and foremost step will make sure to keep your region. Unidentified in message such as two factor authentication step.


Number two download an appropriate vpn app. In this tutorial. We ll be using a vpn called premium vpn. You think.

But you can go ahead and download any other vpn that you need in case you want to use the exact same vpn that i m using in this video. The links in the description. So go ahead and download a vpn install it and then open it up so once you ve downloaded a vpn app to use we want to simply open it up and select any server it doesn t really matter which server you choose and then just connect to that server for the purposes of this tutorial. I advise advise you to connect to either a united states or uk vpn server.


However it s really up to you and then once that s done you want to then head over to settings. And then you want to head over to accounts and make sure that you re logged out of all of your google accounts that this is a precautionary step units an important step so make sure that you re logged out of all of your google. Accounts and then head back to settings. Then apps.

And then look for the google app open it up manage storage and then clear all data then we re going to go back find google play services and repeat the same steps clear old data again and then the final app. We re looking for is actually a system app. So you want to head over to the top right corner. And the three dotted menu shows system apps and the app is called google services framework so i m scrolling down and here we go google services framework also clear that data and then now we re ready to start the google a so once i open the google app.


I see that there is a no thanks option and assign an option so i will select the sign in option. And we ll just wait for it to get the client info. And it does my internet connection is sort of slow it does depend on the vpn server. You selected tools and usually vpn servers do slow down your internet connection however i m just going to fast forward there we go i m going to put in my details.

My login details and i m going to sign it so then we re going to tap next. So then we see a get started option. We re going to select that and then we re going to select the assignment and as you can see guys the google now is finally enabled as you can see the cards or the feed. It s showing up in the form of a list right and if i head over to settings and to feed.


I can see that the button is now switched on that s it for now guys please do remember to leave a like to subscribe. If you found this tutorial useful. I will continue to release more tutorials in the future. I d like to see this channel growing and with all of your stank s for all the support so far.

It s been pretty incredible. We re at 88 subscribers. What can i say i m so grateful guys continue to show your support and and that s it very much i ll see you in the next tutorial guys so ” ..


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