How to Export a Video in iMovie (2018)

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“Guys in today s video. We re going to talk nabout. How to export a a video in imovie. So let s get started music playing now.

We nprepared. A project that is already to go so. We ve got our video down in the nproject area here all ready for export so to export our video. We want to navigate up nto the right hand corner up here and there we ll see the share button.

You can see it s na box with the arrow pointing. Upwards we want to click thatnow one thing. I ll point nout right at this stage is you ll see there is a variety of options presented to us in nthis little window that appears almost always you ll probably want to export directly to na file. Even if you do intend to put your video on one of these other services so if you nwant to upload to youtube or facebook.


You would export a file first and then upload nto one of these other platforms. This just gives you the maximum flexibility and reduces npotential headaches with connecting imovie to one of these services so having said that nlet s click on file and you ll see this window appear on your screen so starting nright at the beginning here we can adjust the title so we can change my movie nto something interesting and description to something even more interesting ntags are something you may or may not want to use. But they can be useful in managing nyour files in the finder. So we ve seen how to title and describe our video.

Let s nlook now at how to effect the file size and video quality first of all we can see that nwe have video and audio as an option. But we can also export our video as audio. Only nthis might be useful if we wanted to upload a podcast version of a video for example. Nwe also have the ability here to choose the resolution right now for this video.

We have nthese three choices if you do have 4k video. Which imovie does now support you will see n4k as an option here but in this case. We don t so we don t see that option. The next ntwo options are in respect to quality so depending.


Which level. We chose here this nwill affect the file size which we can see noted under the preview on the left hand side. Nhere and it may also affect the time it takes to export the videonow we can see that when nset to. Best there is a.

Substantial difference we go from 1681 mb for high to. 9865. Mb for nbest in general for most applications. You ll be fine to stick with high if you really nwant to get into it you can select custom and then modify the bit rate here for most nusers.

This is probably not going to be useful. And you ll be best to stick with the preset nfor compression. We can chose whether we want the faster compression so if we want the nexport to take less time or if we want it to be of a higher quality. If you ve got nthe time and the computing power meaning a fast computer.


You probably just want to nselect better quality. This isn t generally going to affect the file size. But the computer nwill do a more thorough job of exporting. The video giving you a better result once you nhave your preferences they way you want them you can click next imovie will ask us where nwe want to save our video in our case.

We ll stick to putting it on the desktop save nand. The export begins. If we click on this little circle. Here.

We can actually see the nprogress imovie is making in exporting our video. It will also give us a time estimate nin this case not very long less than a minute before the video is done exporting. You ll nsee that when the movie is done exporting. There will be a notification on the top right nhand side of your screen.


This can be useful. If you have left imovie while the video is nexporting. Which you d probably want to do if the movie is taking a half hour to an hour. Nor more and then you ll know as soon as your video is done exporting.

We can dismiss that nnotification minimize imovie and on the desktop. We will find our finished video. All ready nto play or share with our friends was this video. Helpful if so make sure to subscribe nto.

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