How to Extract .ISO using 7-Zip (Easy Step by Step)

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“Guys welcome back to another it works tutorial today. I m going to show you you how to extract an iso image. All right so the first thing. We re to do to extract this image is we re going to go to the internet and we re just going to type in 7 zip.

Now this is just a software. Though that will allow us to extract that image. So if you just click on the first selection where it says download. 7.


Zip. Now it s got all these options here so if you re not sure about which one to select in my situation. My computer is a 64 bit operating system now yours might be a 32. But most new computers today are 64.

If you re not sure and you want to check what you can do it s just press the windows start key and are at the same time. And i ll just bring up this run box. Now if you just type in control panel. And just click ok.


Then if you got this system and security system. And then on the left hand side here it says system type and in my situation mine is a 64 bit operating system now yours might say something like 32 or something along that nature. So whatever yours says just get that selection for it so in my case it s this 64 bit so i m going to just click download and then what it s going to do is just gonna start downloading here in the left corner and after that s finished. I m just going to double click on that alright and then we re just going to click install now just install the software now we re gonna get close just close everything alright now if we go to the left hand side we ll just type in 7 sorry.

7 zip and as you can see it says. 7 zip file manager so it s installed perfectly fine so what we re going to do now is we re going to go to our iso image. And we re just gonna right click. And then it ll give us all these options here.


And what we were looking for is the 7 zip selection. I m not gonna click on that we re just going to hover over it and just move to the right hand side and just click extract files and it ll bring up this box you have all these different options and things you can do but just for the sake of this tutorial. I m just gonna leave everything as the default. It s just gonna create this windows 10 folder on my desktop.

So that s perfectly fine. I ll just good ok so now it s just extracting all those folders and stuff inside the iso image. So as you can see my desktop. It s already created that windows 10 folder.


So if we look inside it now it should be finished. If we look inside as you can see as all these folders here so this is very useful stuff because if you wanna. If you have like a bootable usb. You can simply just put all these folders on the bootable usb and then you can use that bootable usb to install for example in my situation windows 10.

So it s very useful that s all for this tutorial today. If you have any more questions about this tutorial just leave in the comments below and i ll try to answer as quickly as possible and thank you very much for ” ..

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