How to Factory Reset iPod Nano 1st Gen- Reset Data

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“Right today i want to show you how to reset an ipod nanos. The first first generation ipod nano you can see it s a four gigabit model. I want show you how to do a full reset to factory settings for one of these. And this is great if you purchased this used and want to reset.

It with with your own music or if you re going to be reselling your ipod on ebay or amazon or something like that and are looking to get it to the factory settings. So we re going to switch over to a computer screen now what you need to do first is plug in your ipod nano to your computer via the usb port. So i m just need to do that you re going to get your cable..


We re going to plug it into the bottom here and you re going to take your usb and just stick it into one of your ports on your computer. Okay so now i ve opened up itunes. After you plugged in your ipod to your computer. And within itunes.

Again. I m using a mac and this is one of the latest versions of itunes. And there ll be a couple different options on this specific version of itunes..


So if this looks very similar to yours we re going to do is ensure that the device is showing up you can see this is the old owner and you can see that he has a number of different things that are on the ipod. What i m going to do is actually come up to this little icon here. I m going to click on that and it s going to open up our options for this specific nano. Now what you re going to do again to do the factory restore is to come over here and click on the restore ipod button.

You re going to get an update that will basically ask you are you sure you want to restore this to the factory settings now again you have to remember that all of your media and other data will be erased. So make sure if you re doing this you do have your media backed up and saved and that you re able to restore it once the the ipod has been reset so i m going to go ahead and click the restore button and we re going to let this thing do its its thing you have to go through some agreement stuff here and then it will it will begin and again. I m going to let this run..


And if it s taken a little while here. I ll stop the video and come back. When it has actually reset and give you a timeline for how it went okay. There you go that took roughly 30 seconds.

Maybe a minute or so not very long at all and you got that little message and the ipod. Actually did a soft reset and is turning back on now you can see the apple symbol and once it turns back on here. We should see it show up in our available device list..


Okay and basically it after about another 30 seconds or so the ipod fully rebooted and you can see we re now on the welcome screen for setting up the device now to to basically be synced up fresh and clean for us. So there you go. That s how you walk through the factory. Reset all right thanks for watching stay tuned.

We got more tips and tricks coming. ” ..

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