How to Fix a Mac not Booting up (Part I)

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“You might have faced the challenge of not being able to recover your apple laptop laptop it s pretty frustrating obviously. However there are a few things we could do restore and to access the files let s see what these things these solutions indeed. Our first. We would probably need to reset the system management controller of the computer.

That is responsible for the let s say display led the battery the keyboard lies and so on i here have my laptop. Which is a macbook pro 2011. It s pretty old oh. It s not working right now a few days ago in the morning when i try to start it up it didn t happen.

I actually tried several times trying to restart. It i perform a number of operations on it then i found the problem is in the hard word. And it has nothing to do with the software still before you could get to that point you would need to do these operations. The system management controller.

If i simply check whether it s working properly you need to reset it to reset the smc you could do a simple thing disconnecting. The battery..

If you could have access to that if you look at my computer. The back of this disk appear that there s a cover let me show that to you this there are little screws you could simply disconnect the battery and installing it again and then when you hit the powerball from it gets started out if that is because of smc. Another way to reset the smc. You need to press.

Shift. Ctrl. Alt. Or option.

And then hold down power button and wait for 10 seconds. Then release the keys right now if you hit the boss and the power button it might get started off if the problem is because of the smc. This is solution number. One solution.

Number two is a reset to a second reset. And that is called nvr..

Am. Not volatile random access memory. Which is a memory actually and it stores settings that the computer needs at the startup and if you reset this memory. It is possible that your computer gets started up you would need to press ever of keys actually.

Which is wrong if the keys are wide apart. And you would need to hold them all of them at the same time. And that is to hold down. Option command.

R. And p. And power button. I hold them you hear the chime and for the third time.

The computer is getting too started yes. Now release the keys and let s the computer starts up this is a kind of reset..

And you resetting the volatile random access memory. So if the problem is because of the memory. You would be okay. So the computer would get restarted.

My computer is not going to complete this process. Because its problem is hard work. Not software let me turn that off the third solution. Imagine you did the smc solution.

And it didn t work. And you did the memory solution. The nvram and it didn t work either now. It s time to check whether the computer can do in safe mode.

When you will you try to boot in safe mode. You actually give the signal to the computer that certain operations should not be initiated..

What you you have certain applications or certain that appear at the startup and the safe mode would suppress those applications or those operations. So there would be less load on the computer. Basically i mean the computer would it would be easier for the computer to boot to do this solution. You would just need to hit the power button to his apartment and shift the moment.

You heard the chime press. Shift or trust. Me. I m telling you the safe mode is not going to be working at this computer either so let me shut it down again.

Yeah. There is a there s also a safe mode. That is called there bo safe mode. And that means when you start that the computer begins to produce the data that would help identify the problem to do that you need to hold down shift command v and hit the power button shift command v and hit the power button okay we can see that hello hmm this goes down for a little while you would need to look at the data and may be able to find out about the problem.

I ll talk about this later because this helps me find out about the ” ..

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