How to FIX Noisy PC Fan

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“You guys got another video here for you on how to fix a pc case case then here now these are 140 mill fans. But it doesn t really matter. A fan. It is you can fix them by putting some oil or grease inside.

There now if they re brushless fans or they ve got access to a little panel at the back here weaver which is covered by a sticker. I m gonna show you how you can go about trying to fix these now you may be saying to yourself. Why don t you should buy a new fan well fan prices are quite expensive. Some of the good quality fans are ten fifteen and twenty pounds or more to buy a fan now these are pretty cheap generic type fans that come with cases when you buy them so i m just using these as an example.

But if you do have a quality fan that does have a access point on the back. Then you can use this method to repair the fan and pretty much any type of fan whether it a bit a small little fan for any sort of appliance. That you ve got you can generally take them apart and put some oil in there grease along the spindle and that will then generally stop it from squealing or making a nasty sound. When it s spinning.

So you can see here. I ve got another fan here. This is another type of fan. Which is a cooler master fan.

You don t get these with cases. When you buy them and stuff being see. If you just look really close to here just underneath. That sticker you ll see like a little ridge and that is the grommet that which will give you access to the back of the fan.

So you can take your part if you really want to strip these down you can do but i m just gonna pull this sticker off here and normally these come off pretty easy..

But if you find it really stuck down hard. Then you can use a heat gun or an air dryer just to loosen up the glue. There. But normally they come off pretty easy and just keep these to one side.

Now this one has two two stickers on here. But you can now see that grommet there so let me just pull this one off as well and as i prize this off. You should see a little tiny grommet stuck to there there we go. And that s gonna allow you to get access to the back of the spindle inside.

There where you can then put on some grease or some oil now if you don t want to take it apart. You don t have to you can try to put the oil in there without taking it apart. Now don t overfill. These you should see like a little washer inside.

There and you can lift that off and this will allow you to take it off beat and see it moving around inside. There and this is generally what causes. The squealing or the noise in there name can put a little double grease in there if you want to if you have some grease to hand if it s dirty you may want to clean this right out and strip it down but obviously if it s not got no dirt in there and it s clean and you can just add a bit of oil and don t use wd 40. In there.

But if i bit pair of scissors here just lift up on this little washer you can see here i m gonna push that down so don t need to take it out if i need to take it out i can do it and put some grease around that little the spindle on there and push it back in you don t need vast amounts of grease just a tiny bit. But you can see a little bit of grease on the surface of it here. So obviously i know that i can drop a bit of oil there and it will fall inside that little leg there and go down there and it should stop the noise. But if you do want to remove that you can do it just lifts out and then you could take the front of the blade away.

And this will give you access to the little motor in there which helps pin the fan..

I m going to be using the free in one oil now. I ve been using this for years. My dad used to use this and play sickly. It s a really old brand in the uk.

But i ll put a link down in the video description. So you can get old of it. But just use a oil of the type. And you should be okay don t use any sort of wd 40.

Because that s like a degreaser and that will take away any sort of grew dirt. When you want to do that you want to add lubricant to it and if you add just a little teeny bit. And it will drop down at little sip no and it should slip inside that little leg. There and stop any sort of noise from there wipe away any residue.

Here. And you should be okay just give it a little move around and it will fall inside that little sort of wash your f ing. There retaining washer there just give it a little bit move around and clean off any oil and then we can stick down our stickers. I m just giving this a little move around to try and make it go inside there.

And it seems to be dropping inside okay. So i don t need to remove that little piece there. But if i found it to be a bit noisy. Still then i can always remove that and then put some grease on there but in this case.

It seems to be okay..

So let me go ahead. Now and get to stick it back with the grommet and put that back over and i just need to push that back in there we go stick that one down and we can put a stick it back now if you find they re not sticking down. Properly you can either add a bit of tape on them or use some sort of a sticky glue on the back and it will stick it down. But that s good enough for what we need here and we should be good to go there.

And we should now have a fan with a nice lubricated spindle. There and you should have no squealing or any sort of noises coming from that fan that s a good way of fixing it now again. If you find it still making noise. You may need to remove that little washer and take it out and pack a bit of grease around there you don t need a lot and that should be good enough to fix it let me just quickly show you this one as well they re both the same sort of thing.

But just quickly showing this but pulling this one apart here and you ll see that then this stick is a little bit more tougher to get off. But it should come off there we go once you pull this off you ll see a little grommet. There we go in this case is not grommet. This is like a little plastic cap on this one.

And it s the same sort of thing inside there with a little sore. If it plastic rivet or metal rivet. There you just have to remove that if you want to and that s it just stick a bat down put a bit of oil in there. And you should be pretty much good to go.

And that s how you can keep your fans working in tip top condition by using just some three and one oil and this is pretty affordable stuff. It s good lubricant oil. He also cleans and it prevents rust and you can see on the back. Here.

It s good for load of different jobs around the home bicycles any sort of cogs or chains..

Cars sand machines is good for all that sort of stuff so get yourself a little car. This is really useful and i ll leave the link in the video description. I m pretty sure you can get it in the states as well anyway. I hope this one s been helpful to you my name is bart from protect computers doc.

Whole ek thanks again for watching guys and thanks for continued support have a great weekend. And i ll shall see you again for another video real soon bye for now now. If you haven t subscribed. Yet hit the big red subscribe button on my youtube channel and hit the bill notification bar nyx today to be notified when we upload new videos.

ere he goes. So oh yeah last night. I just uploaded my video on like there was on monday s video. So that was i forget the 12th.

I think yeah the 12 and well and so i went to render out all of the videos. Because fraps creates everything in multiple files like every six minutes. It creates new files. So you may have noticed that there s jerks in the audio like every six minutes or something that s because it s creating a new file.

And i render it all out and well i went to record my next set of videos. And i realize i had to make up some or clear some space so i deleted all of the old files and i was sure it was but then when i went to render things out i noticed that a file was missing. But the weird thing about it is that i had the file before and i had the file after so if i had deleted. It why would i have only had why would i have like skipped the file and deleted the next one it makes no sense to me ” .


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