How To Fix Windows 10 Error Code 0xc00000e9

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“Everyone how are you doing. This is mdtech here. Another quick tutorial today. I m m going to be showing how to hopefully resolve an error.

You might be getting your computer specifically if you re receiving a blue screen of death and it says required device is in connected or cannot be accessed followed by an error code. So pretty much we re going to be trying to access the bios to resolve this issue. So if you re able to sign into windows..


We get to the windows logon screen on you can hold down the shift key while restoring your computer. Also if you are unable to boot into windows. And you re trying to access the bios. Some computer manufacturers specifically motherboard manufacturers will have it so that you have to press.

The f2 or the f6 key. So i m going to just restart my computer by holding down the shift key and then left clicking on restart. But assuming most of you guys are probably not going to be able to do this i m just follow the advice..


I just said ok so now that i m under the boot menu after i started tapping the f10 key. I m going to navigate down to enter setup using my arrow keys on my keyboard and then i m going to hit enter on my keyboard once i m over the setup selection now using your arrows on your keyboard and you can also follow the key at the bottom of this window. Scroll over to the boot settings. Now we.

See that there should be a few options on the left side depending on your computer. These settings might look a little bit different the only thing that we re really trying to do here is make sure our hard drive is the first boot device. It has boot priority..


So in order to move that for some reason. The hard drive is second or third. You know that you ve selected. It once it s turned white.

Because that means that your mouse. If you had one would have been highlighted over it and now using the plus and minus keys on your keyboard you re going to click on the plus sign once you re over the hard drive. And you re going to move that to the first position and then once you re done doing that you re going to hit f10 on your keyboard..


Which will save the configuration changes and then you re going to hit enter on your keyboard. Once you re over the yes selection and then once your computer restarts you should be good to go so i hope this brief tutorial helped you guys out and i will catch you in the ” ..

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