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“We use excel for things that aren t necessarily that numerical for example right here. Here. We have a worksheet. Which is basically an outline of a book and with production times for the different chapters as you can see it s a really simple spreadsheet simply made with a couple of borders and a formula here there to give you the total days that it s going to require to produce this book.

Now as i said part of having a good worksheet is making it look good and be easier to read for example. If i turn off the grid lines. As you can see the spreadsheets kind of weird looking and kind of hard to read because everything s left aligned and obviously we can t use the center or the right line commands. Because it looks even weirder now.


What would be ideal in this case is to have this look like an outline format like you d create a word or another program. Basically something. Where chapter. 1.

Is left lined and these three sub chapters are little to the right something like that now what most people do here is they edit the cell content and they start pressing the spacebar until they get the text to where they want it that s a really bad habit and i don t recommend you do it. The spacebar isn t something that you normally use to indent text. Because then what you have is a bunch of text in your cell. Starting with a bunch of spaces.


See this weight space. It s not a special character it s just a regular old space a collection of spaces and so it gets real easy to insert one more space there and now your text looks wrong. And you have to realign it or if you re doing some kind of operation on the text later those faces might interfere so don t do that don t just press. The spacebar to indent your text that s a pretty bad habit in excel and in general in any word processor.

It s really bad habit to indent using spaces excel has a way we can use to indent text. And it s this little command here see it says increase indent and decrease indent it s right here in the home menu under alignment and what this does is it indents our text. If i press increase indent. See the text moves to the right.


I just select the cells and move it to the right select cells and move it to the right and now. It s looking a whole lot better than it did before if i wanted to indent a subchapter for example right here. If i wanted this code then more i can keep indenting. It can go on and on and on like that and as you can see despite the fact that there s whitespace here at the start the cell content has no whitespace.

The text simply starts on the left when we get into formulas you re going to see why that s important to keep this left side free of spaces. But for now let s just say. This is the best way to line your text. So remember.


When you need to indent text in excel to create an outline for example. What you do is you step on the text you select. It and you use these buttons increase or decrease indent in order to move your text around to where you want it thanks for watching this video tutorial. If you liked the video be sure to subscribe to our channel and to visit our website cubicle overlords com.

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