How To: Install a $3 AUX Input To Your Car

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“I m going to show you how to install an auxiliary input into your car. Car. So that you can play music from an mp3 player or a smartphone. This done on a 2004 gmc yukon.

But it should be able to be done on any similar vehicle assuming it has xm radio capabilities. So to get started i ll go over all the parts we re going to need for this most. Importantly you re going to need a 35. Millimeter.

Jack to plug your mp3 player into. This was purchased at radioshack. You should be able to find them online anywhere pretty easily the way this guy works is you have your input for the mp3 player you have a ground pin coming off you could say the bottom and then you have to signal pins coming off the back signal one in signal to are just left..


And right speaker. So in your xm module. You re going to have two wires that control the left and right speakers and you need to tap into those and attach the signal. One and signal two to the left and right so i m going to start off by soldering.

A wire onto each signal pin. Then i ll solder a wire onto the ground pin to finish that up i m going to paint on some of this nifty liquid electrical tape covers up all the solder joints and dries in about five to ten minutes one thing to keep in mind when soldering your wires on is make sure you have enough length to reach where you want it to i had a lot of extra lengths and i just cut it off. But i didn t have to add any more wire. Now that we ve created the plug.

It s time to get into the vehicle go ahead and open up your glove box and pull this tab aside to lower it to expose the exome module here are the wires. That you need to be dealing with behind this plug is a little blue lock you need to remove this locking mechanism to be able to pull the plug out once the blue locking mechanism is removed you can just squeeze the tab on the back side of the plug and pull it straight out we ll get right back to this plug in about a minute. But first we want to install our plugs..


We know how much length. We need on wire go ahead and pick a spot and drill into it make sure you don t drill too far in in case. There s anything behind test the plug to make sure it fits. I ended up taking off the dashboard trim and pulling the panel off you can see in the back.

There s kind of a honeycomb support design that needs to be taken out. I used a small dremel to dremel around and shave down the back a little bit so that the threads on my auxilary module would fit all the way through once you complete that feed the wires back to the back of the dashboard and reinstall. The panel measure your length and make sure you have plenty of length to reach the plug and go ahead and cut off the excess wire. That you soldered on originally hopefully.

The wires coming out of your plug should look something. Like this configuration. Here s a basic schematic on how the wiring should be done..


The pink section is the wire coming out of the exome module before the splice. The yellow highlighted wire goes to your stereo system splicing. The wires and keeping the whole circuit intact will allow you to simultaneously use xm as well as auxilary input. When on low volumes.

The xm signal will bleed through and you ll be able to hear it in the background slightly if you leave the pink section disconnected and only solder straight onto the yellow section. You re disabling the xm signal. However you re not going to have any xm signal bleeding into your mp3 signal. So go ahead and solder these connections just to recap.

One signal wire from your input. Should go to the green with white stripe wire on the xm plug the other signal wire from your input. Should go to the brown with white stripe wire on the xm plug your ground wire..


From your input. Should go to the black with white stripe wire. There are two black wires with white stripes on them use the outermost one as specified in the previous schematic. It should look something like this when finished one thing.

I did along the way was i used alligator clips to connect all my connections before i soldered anything you can see in the background of this clip. The alligator clips hanging out and before i soldered. I just clipped all the wires together and tested it to see if it worked at this point. You should be able to close up your glovebox plug your auxiliary port in navigate to the xm channel on your radio and play some music on your smartphone let me know if ” .


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