How To Install A Low Profile Tilting TV Mount For TV s Between 26″ To 55″ #17-315-001

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“And welcome to show me cables today we re gonna show you how to install install a tv mount. This is the low profile tilting tv wall mount bracket. It designed for tvs between 26. And 55 inches.

And can support up to 99 pounds. Included with the bracket is all the hardware you will need to complete installation as a quick overview on the hardware. The bracket includes various styles of mounting screws for different size tv. Thread patterns.

Washers mounting bolts plastic spacers for tvs with shallow screw holes concrete anchors if mounting it to concrete or brick walls and a small clip on bubble level. The tools needed for this installation are a pencil a ratchet with a 10 millimeter socket. A philips head screwdriver. A drill with a quarter inch drill bit and a socket adapter.

If available in which case you can use the drill instead of the ratchet and a stud finder before getting started we need to check the vesa pattern of the tv. The vesa pattern is the distance between the screw holes on the back of your tv. Which is measured in millimeters. The measurement for our tv.


Today is 400 millimeters tall and 400 millimeters wide this means that the tv has a vesa pattern of 400 by 400 please make sure that your tv. Does not exceed the maximum vesa pattern. Supported by the bracket typically you can find out the tv s vesa pattern by checking the owner s manual. But if that s not the case and that s not an option for you can always break out the measuring tape and measure yourself start by screwing on the adjustment knobs onto the mounting arms place.

The arms on the back of the tv and line up the screw holes insert a mounting screw into a water in plastic spacer. Then hand tighten onto the arms finish tightening using the screwdriver repeat. These steps for the other mounting arm. Using a stud finder.

Locate and mark the stud you want to mount the bracket onto then locate mark the next nearest stud drill. The first pilot hole insert a washer onto a mounting bolt and hand tighten through the bracket. Then finish tightening using the ratchet or drill. Using the level mark.

You stud for a second pilot hole drill. A second pilot hole insert another washer onto a mounting bolt and beginning and tightening finish tightening using the drill repeat these steps for the remaining two mounting points. Now we are ready to mount the tv on to the bracket make sure the arms of the tv are able to catch on to the bracket. Then using your screwdriver tighten.


The locking screws from underneath. The tv. Once installation is complete the bracket will allow for up to 15 degrees of tilt for maximum viewing comfort. Once the proper angle is determined tighten.

The adjustment. Knobs congratulations. You ve successfully installed the low profile tilting tv wall mount bracket. If you still have any questions.

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