How to Install and uninstall Samsung Smart TV App

how to delete apps on samsung smart tv This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you How to Install and uninstall Samsung Smart TV App. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Guys. This is a technology r 0. 7. I hope you didn t great so so today.

I m gonna be sharing guys on how to install and uninstall. An on your samsung smart tv alright. So first of all why usually do is remove my aerial cable from the back of my tv. So that it doesn t come up with all the channels.

So that no one claims any copyright alright so as i ve shown in my previous videos..

I m just just removed from the bucket tv alright so first of all you ll press on your home button now you want to go to you navigate towards the left and you will go to search. Then you press. Ok and in here. You want to just bring up the keyboard.

Which should be done automatically well unless you have a search icon somewhere. And then you can presta alright. So in here you want to write you remote. Which app.

You want you to install so for now..

I m just gonna install the plex up so i write it and then i just want to go on to where it says install right so i use my remote control. Again alright. So you wanna press. Ok let s go kaiba and now press on install okay.

So press ok again so now this is get installed and you can say open and that s how you install an app now before sharing as the second one i d like to just invite you guys to visit my second channel. Which is cooking time and not really this this is what you can see on the screen. And i ll have the link on the description box below be grateful. If you guys visit there and subscribe obviously go through my videos and if you like you can subscribe to or maybe share with some who likes cooking and also want to know about some natural remedies.

And i ll have the link on the description box below all right so to understand app..

You wanna again go on to the home button and then navigate towards where it says apps and then you want to go to the top right hand corner. Where it says settings alright so in settings and here you can see all the apps. That has been downloaded there are some day you can delete and there are some they can t delete and i ll tell you in a minute. Why all right so the plex.

We can go through all the options so as you can see in there you can reinstall move at the homepage unlock or lock. If you got your pin on it so now i wanna so if on delete ii just press on delete and then you said delete again and then you press on ok and that should delete it right so there are some absolutely can t delete right so say if you go onto ourselves delete for any other you can t delete the delete button will be there but it will be faded. So you won t be able to click on it alright. So the reason for that is because these apps are the default apps.

That came with a tv originally where i can t be deleted by the user..

So yeah there you go alright so that s it guys for this video. I hope you liked this video then we could subscribe like and share. It and i ll see you on my next video. Thank you bye.

” ..

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