How to install DD-WRT firmware or Tomato Firmware on a Cisco E2000 router

linksys 2000 firmware This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you How to install DD-WRT firmware or Tomato Firmware on a Cisco E2000 router. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“This episode of south hall computing. We ll be installing the dd wrt firmware and and tomato firmware on the cisco e mm and that s coming up next warning following video is performed by a trained professional. It is meant for educational purposes. Only please do not attempt to try anything you see here.

Enjoy a youtube dam from south hall computing. And today. We re going to be installing the dd wrt firmware as well as the tomato firmware on this cisco e 2000 as always in our lab. We like to install dd wrt first because that always gives us the greater success of installing the firmware without breaking the unit.

So let s go ahead and get right to it we re going to start by doing a 30 30 30. Which is pressing the reset button for 30 seconds unplugging. The unit for another 30 seconds while still holding that reset button and then re plugging the power in for another 30 seconds. So let s give that a try after you successfully done your 30 30.


You ll notice that the power light is solid again which means. It s ready to be logged into once you ve successfully plugged in the ethernet into this router now we re going to move over to the computer. Portion of this tutorial to install the dd wrt firmware. We need to acquire the initial firmware for this and that can be done off the dd wrt wiki page for the e 2000.

Here and the link will be provided below. But first we ve already downloaded the initial flash file for the dd wrt firmware. So we need to log into the actual router to upload this firmware file and we do this by opening up a web browser and typing in the following. Address.

19216811. When you re asked for a password. The username is admin. And the password is also admin and then hit ok next up.

We re going to go to i believe..

It s administration and for more upgrade here we re going to browse to our dd wrt firmware that we previously grabbed from their site. I m going to say open and then we re going to say start upgrade once we hit this we re going to have to give the router 10 minutes to finish its upgrade you the simple way of resetting. This unit is just by unplugging the power waiting about ten seconds. So we ll wait for that status light to be solid before we attempt to sign back into the browser now that we ve rebooted the router.

We re gonna just make sure that everything is working here. So i m just gonna hit refresh. Oh it looks like it just came back here good. And i m just gonna do the standard admin for username and standard admin for the password.

So we can get in and there you go you have the very basic dd wrt firmware on here now if you obviously want the later versions. You have to go track them down on dtv wrg website. But from here we re going to install the tomato firmware that we already have downloaded on this machine so to upgrade the dd wrt to the tomato firmware. We re going to go to administration again.

We re going to go the firmware upgrade and here we re going to say after flashing reset to default settings..

We re going to select the tomato firmware that we already have now mind you this is a almost 6. Meg firmware and the flashable memory is. 8. Meg.

So we have more than enough room to accommodate this firmware and say ok and upgrade. We re going to give it another 10 minutes for this so here we go you okay so it s been another ten minutes here and obviously the router is loaded with the tomato firmware from shibby. It s already reporting everything that we need to see here and it obviously hasn t it hasn t run into any issues as we see everything is working nicely. I plan to use this router with the tomato firmware.

So i need to make sure that i clear out the nvram so where i went to administration. There once that going to go and the configuration was already selected and i m going to restore default configuration and i m going to say erase all data in the env ram. Memory. And then i m going to say ok and then it asks you if you re shorter.

Just say ok to that and there you have it we successfully installed the dd wrt firmware up and the tomato firmware on this particular router..

They ve links this e mm series as always if you like what you see here. Give. This video. A thumbs up leave a comment and even subscribe to the channel would be greatly.

Appreciated. This is dan from south hall computing. And as always until the next time. ” .


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