How To Install Game Boy Advance Games Onto Your Nintendo 3DS in 2018!!!!

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“The fact that i m wearing pajamas from when i was like 13 years old old today. We re going to be doing me tutorial on how you can get advance games on your nintendo 3ds if it does not exist on the eshop or if you miss your chance with the ambassador edition of the 3ds. Now there was only a handful of games that did come out that worth game boy advance titles on the nintendo 3ds and these gameboy advance games were metroid fusion right here as well as if i go over here. That should be mario kart super.

Circuits and as well as a kirby game. It was the amazing mirror as well as yoshi s island that i do not currently have installed on my 3ds now obviously being that you have custom firmware by the way i assume you guys have custom firmware. If you re watching this tutorial you couldn t use a gameboy advance emulator however if you re using something would say the old nintendo 3ds yes it actually does not run game boy advance emulators that well actually runs it really really shitty. Unless of course.

You have a new 3d. Ass or a new 3ds. Xl. So the best way to play gameboy advance games.

On your 3d asses to bring it into the actual thing itself by using a game boy advance injector which i will leave in the description. I m going to show you guys how to set that up and use it right now so yeah. This is my desktop here. I have downloaded three things here well technically two things you re going to need the ultimate game boy advance virtual console.

Injector for 3ds. What i have here for you guys is a link where you guys can download the gba injector for 3ds i will leave it in the description i will leave the direct mega link because if i were to leave this some people i understand will get confused that you do need to scroll down. And then look for the download links over here. Because it s hidden you need to actually click show so it is a little bit confusing.

I can understand so i m gonna be leaving just the mega link here so you guys can download the injector like this straight up the next thing that you guys are going to need to do is go to mu paradises where you can download game boy advance realms and like that you guys can also go to loved. Roms or any other emulator or rom holding website..

That supports gameboy advance games as long as you download the game in a dot gba file. It doesn t really matter as long it works once you guys got all that set up for example. I m using for this tutorial mario luigi superstar saga you guys can do any other game really you want but we re going to open the gba vc converter or injector my apologies actually what we re going to do is sorry i m a bit stupid with us. We re going to extract two ultimates gba whatever.

And it s going to create an extracted file right here we re gonna click on that and now you can see everything is extracted in a nice little file. So we are going to open the software. It s just gonna take some time to load up and here. It is this is the window so as you can see we have a lot of stuff here that we can mess with we re just going to do open gba file.

So now we re going to search for our rom. Which is superstar saga over here so we re gonna go to our desktop and we re just gonna open it like this here. We go game did have found some yields are now filled and that release was obviously 2003. So what we re going to do here is we can leave all this the same.

We don t need to touch anything here. Unless you guys want to have no save type which i don t know why you would do that and honestly. But whatever so we re going to go here. We re going to do a next step icon and name so what we re going to do here is we re going to do this we re going to download the set title screen as the icon or we could do it like this the icon.

But we re going to have it set up like this so it looks like an actual virtual console game boy advance title. So yeah. We have everything here set up. Now what we re going to do the next step is the 3d banner.

So here we have it this is what the banner is going to look like we can have it set up in any kind of font or any kind of way this is very customizable and i really like that so. And you can also set the brightness as well which it s the brightness of the font..

Which is pretty nice you can do that i m gonna keep it at zero to have complete darkness now that we have all of this set up we re just going to go ahead and we re going to do the vc parameters. This is all fine you don t need to touch any of these and we re going to click finish and once we do this now we have a cf file. What we re going to do here. Real quick is that we are going to just edit this a little bit.

So. It s just going to be named mark luigi superstar saga. You guys can change this obviously. So what we re going to do we re going to yeah just put this in our desktop.

We can yeah we can do that and it s going to be saved as a ca ia type by the way would you like to open the output folder co is created here means we re gonna do we re gonna click no so here it is i know you guys can t see it because my little face window. But here is the cia file. Which is really nice. I forgot you guys had that turn off into 3d s.

And take out your sd card. So i m a little stupid like that so now we take our sd card. Here. We re going to place it into our computer.

Oh yes. You can hear the sd cards. Just read through the computer. So we re going to open our file explorer here and we re gonna scroll down to our sd card as you guys can see i have too much space to really have on this i have a lot of space on my sd card.

So we have this here. We re gonna open our cia s file or folder..

My apologies and what we re going to do we re gonna take our superstar saga cia ok did not mean to do that so we got our cia right here we re going to just drag this and copy it into our sia s right here no big deal and now we just have to close the folder. It is now in our cia folder and now we can continue over to our 3ds okay so we have returned to our nintendo 3ds as you guys can see here these were just downloaded through spotpass i don t know down by these word here. But what we re going to be doing right. Now is that we are going to be going to our homebrew folder.

And we re going to go to fbi. This is a cia extractor or opener. That matter because all applications and software in the 3s is in the set of cia files. So what we re going to do we re gonna go to our sd slot.

And we re gonna go to our cia s folder. And as you can see here. We have a cia known as mario and luigi superstar saga. And this is a pretty hefty file at sixteen point eight four megabytes not as big as sonic boom fire nice per.

Some reason so we re going to go in here we re going to install and delete cia. So basically once its installed as an application the actual file. The cia file is going to be deleted. So it doesn t take out the sixteen point four eight or four nine megabytes that it should be using on the sd card.

So we re gonna do this gonna click yes and now we re just gonna let download i m gonna cut to when it s done downloading all right so the download is now complete as you guys can see here we re gonna press any button here okay and now we re gonna go all the way to the back. We re gonna press start now and that s gonna exit us out of fbi right back to our home screen. We re gonna go back to the home screen and that s good see new software has been added to the home menu so we re gonna click on that and here it is mario luigi superstar saga as if it was an actual game boy advance virtual console so and that s really cool so i m gonna quickly drag and drop this into my super mario folder. So we re gonna open that and now we have superstar saga here.

And it s not like actual gameboy advance emulator. So it s not going to be really choppy gameplay and if you guys don t believe me i ll just i ll show you guys right here..

It is obviously going to take a little bit of time because it is opening an application that is not normally part of the 3ds library. So it is a little bit weird because it is recognized as like a home root application. So i ve cut it to just the top screen. Because the gameplay is only on the top screen and as you guys could see it s not at all choppy gameplay.

This is all as if it was an actual virtual console game. So yeah. Yes you d see it is actually perfectly fine. We re gonna just just show you guys just you guys somehow don t believe me yet i m gonna zoom we re gonna play a quick game of mario bros mario bros classic my apologies and i m just gonna show you guys it s perfectly fine everything works the way it should be ok.

I forgot that i m super terrible at mario bros at least cuz. I m not used to the 3 s s layout like this i m used to playing with like an actual nintendo entertainment system controller get over here bitch welp ow. So yes guys. It is really that simple if you want to download gba games to your nintendo 3ds us could do that no problem i hope this tutorial was good for you guys if you guys have any questions.

Please let me know i m about to die. Mario bros. A spiny about to whip my ass so i m gonna quickly just fight back real quick. I hope you guys really enjoyed this video.

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Everybody please have a lovely rest of ” ..

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