How to install in-ceiling speakers

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“So i have here these in ceiling speakers that i want to install today. Let let s see so jbl ls 328 c. And i m opening up here. The and inside.

You will find here these cardboard cutout. So give this template that shows you how big the hole needs to be in order to install the speaker and the ceiling. You can see this here fits right and you can use this here to a mark. The spot where you want to cut the hole into the ceiling.


This is really helpful. But in my case above the ceiling is actually an attic. So i have direct access here from on top and so i have built here this little frame that you can see here. But this piece of plywood and then a couple of one buys and i ve cut the same size hole into this piece of plywood and that will help me do a secured of the speaker.

A lot better later on i m just i don t want to hang the speaker on to the drywall. I actually use this piece of plywood to hang the speaker off okay so once you marked your spot on the ceiling for the hole making sure that you don t cut into a like a rafter above. Then you just cut out the drywall as you can see here in my case. Yeah.


I didn t mark this since i have this piece of plywood that gives me a good guy to wear. I have to cut the drywall out so we re actually using here a pretty good saw to do this. This only takes a couple of minutes. And make sure that you make the hole not too big.

But also not too small it s not terrible. If you make a hole a little bit too big since this speaker has a little lip that will cover eventually a gap and this is what this looks like from on top you can see here. The cutout in the pie wood is just as big as the drywall underneath and then first. I m going to do a dry run here making sure that the speaker really fits before i continue with the installation.


And then how does this work. So. The speaker has this little hooks here on the side that will tilt out in order to hang off of the drywall of the ceiling here and you can tilt those hooks out by screwing in the screws here from the underneath. So when you start to the screw here this hook will tilt out and then eventually move downwards and that voila all the speaker in place and you do this for like all four hooks.

That this speaker. Here has and now we are going to continue with installing here. The speaker wire. We have these two ports here for the negative and the positive and i have here this 16 gauge wire.


The instruction manual of the speaker actually recommended using here a 16 gauge and then just push down on the ports that open up this hole here in the port. And i ll just stick the y in and as soon as i ve done that i m just going to lift the speaker and place here and i m using my elf philips screwdriver on all the four hooks or all the four screws that are here for the hooks. And i m going to push the speaker with my hand up against the ceiling and i m going to tighten the hooks. I m not going to tighten it too much otherwise you may break the drywall.

You don t want that to happen just make it snug and then answer that step i have here this grill that you can just pop into if you want to you can actually paint this if you prefer to have a certain color or you don t have to actually install it at all. But if you prefer your speaker s covered then you just install the see is the left step alright yeah. So this is it i hope this video was helpful and if you have any questions then leave the comment below you ” ..


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