How to install Zelda BOTW on PC! 60fps No Stutters + Savegame Editor

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“Guys how s it going welcome back to another video and today. I m gonna gonna show you guys how you can play the legend of zelda breath of the on pc. Just like i am for 100 free with sim you a wii u. Emulator as you can see i m getting very nice fps.

I have capped mine at 45 frames. But you can get 60. If you want and it runs. Very smoothly enjoy so the first program.

You re gonna have to download is called wheat u. Usb helper. Which basically lets you download most games on ovu and you can apply the same process to any wii u game. But i m doing this for breath of the wild because that s what i did it on and then pretty much you can play that on your pc.

So once you have wii u. Usb. Helper installed from the first link in the description. And you have it open you will see this window.

Here now here there are a bunch of games as you can see here 2908 wii u games are available right here and as you can see i ve downloaded one the legend of zelda breath of the wild now what you really want to do before you download. Anything is you re going to want to come to the bottom here set extraction directory. And you re going to want to come to some kind of folder wherever you want to store your emulator games. So i put mine indie emulator games.

And i want to make a folder called helper e x. Pick that folder and hit. Select folder. Then you want to press.

Set. Download. Directory. And press.

Ok. Here. And then d emulator. Games as well.

And helper. Dl and just select folder all righty. So here we are back now you re gonna want to do is you re just gonna want to come up to search here and type in the legend of zelda breath of the wild etc and then you re going to want to right click on it although it ll show up and not download for you but i already downloaded it and you re gonna press download games and then here it ll would be and just press start downloading and then wait it s gonna take like an hour. Very long time.

But it will be good and once it s down done downloading you re just going to want to click on extract which will show up over here now once you ve done that you re just gonna want to navigate to the place..

Where you set it to extract so d slash emulator games for me. And then we want to go into helper e x. And you re gonna see a bunch of other folders. But right down.

Here you re going to see three folders right here you don t want to pick the one that says the legend of zelda breath of the wild and it is named as not dlc you re gonna want to find this one is update data. And this one has nothing this is the folder that we re looking for double click on it go to code. And you should see you king and da rpx. That s basically the main file that we re going to be running using another app called sim you now go into the second link in the description and we re gonna download something called sim you and i already have it downloaded once again it s the same to install as anything if you don t know how to install you can probably just search it up and here we go i have sim you already installed now it s gonna look like this and then you re going to want to do file load.

And then they re just gonna want to navigate to that d. Emulator. Games. Helper e.

X. The one that is not dlc or update. Data. So this one code and double click on you king rpx now it s gonna do this and it might take it i think it took like 10 minutes for me on first boot.

But now that i ve loaded it a billion times. It is quick quick and you can just fullscreen it or go options full screen to make it take up your entire screen. But when i do that it doesn t particularly play well. With my recording software and now two options input settings to actually customize how you play these are all the controls and on the left.

It shows. What that control is if you were actually playing on a wii u. And on the right you can put in whatever. It is also if you just want to play with a controller like right here.

I have a ps3 controller. I ll turn it on quick. It already out there is my ps3 controller now if you want to do that. Instead you can make a new profile here and the profiles basically they just store your information.

So i have one for breath. The while controller one for the breath. The wild one for mario kart sm. Fs mm.

So super mario maker. But here we are at breath of the wild and you can just save this profile as whatever you want but anyway. If you set this to x input. And you set the controller to whatever your controllers.

Name is mine..

Is just controller one and then under a you can just press. The a button and then be xy l. Rz. L.

Zat are plus minus and just be very careful when you get to here because it goes so fast and there go now. I already have a profile for that so breath dewild controller load and now you can see i can actually play it with a controller just as i would if i were to actually be playing breath the wild and the only reason you d really do that is if you don t actually have breath the wild or if you want to play it with a controller such as a playstation controller like i m doing right now or if you want to enjoy a nice 60fps breath. The wild game. And now.

There s a couple of things that is possible to happen you re either gonna be in the game. And it s gonna work completely fine or you re going to be lagging terribly now if you are logging terribly. There s a couple of settings. You have to change so just go file exit and open simu up again and now now that we re here just go to cpu mode and make sure it s on triple core recompile err announces it s unstable.

But it s the best one timer host based timer affinity all logical cores download the third link in the description which is what s called a graphics pack no once you ve downloaded that you ll have a folder called bo tw stands for breath of the wild graphics pack now if you double click on it there are gonna be a bunch of folders in here and these are all different cheats and changes that you can make to the game. However only gonna be needing a couple of them. But feel free to play around with these as you want so you don t want to select all of them right click and copy and then go to wherever you installed simu. So i installed it under d.

Eps. Simu. And then once you re here you re going to want to double click on graphics packs and i already have a bunch but you will have none and you want to right click and go paste now make sure you copy all the folders inside that folder and not the folder itself cuz. You re gonna want to have all of these breath of the wild ones all these ones that are highlighted you will now have and once you ve done that you can close this out close up sim you if you had it open.

And then reopens em. You cuz. We want to reload the graphics packs and here it is and then you gonna want to go to options graphics packs and come over to the legend of zelda breath of the wild which you should now have that category for hit the plus arrow. And there are a bunch of different categories.

Now if we go under workarounds. There s a bunch of different things. And if you re having these problems you can check them later. But for right now under enhancements you re just gonna check everything under graphics.

Everything and then click on this resolution. One and set the active preset to your monitor. So my monitor is 1920×1080 and if you don t know what that is just the last one is the. P so 1080p.

1440p we have 1800 people i ve never seen anywhere. But apparently that s a thing. This one is 4k this one is more than 4k and that s 8k and i doubt anyone here has an 8k monitor. But if you do good luck good job for you.

But also you re gonna need a really powerful gpu to run that and also if you re still lagging..

You can just try to bring it down a little bit um first to 720 and then maybe to 540. But usually i run 1080. But by default zelda runs in 720 also under shadow resolution. You can set them to two different ways in what the shadows to render.

And if you need more processing power. You can just take it to low or high or extreme. But i m just gonna go on medium default now. We can close out of graphics and go to mods and believe it or not the mods will help there s also a cheeps category inside of mods and all of these work nicely so you can spawn the motorcycle anywhere infinite weapons bows and shields in favor vs fury and for the stamina revolves gale motorcycle energy me fuss grace infinite hearts.

Which is really neat and finish your darks protection and arrows infinite amiibo and faster arrow draw. But i m not gonna be playing with any of those because those are cheats. But under mods here divine laser beams customizer that s really cool because the divine beasts actually then we ll shoot out different colored laser beams than just the normal red glow lights colors. If you check.

It then instead of blue and orange for the sheikah colors and the turned red and green day lank you can modify how long the day takes. If you do remover that removes everything including the heart. So it s like pro hud. Plus.

As it says right here no master mode triforce because in the bottom left. If you re playing master mode. It shows. The triforce which just is annoying reshape compatibility.

If you re not using riche aid. Which if you follow this tutorial. You won t be using green shade. Then just don t enable it and this is what we re looking for the static fps mode.

So check it and then this preset you can pick any of these fps now if you set it too high for your computer. This is a lot of just trial and error it won t it ll actually get you that amount of fps. But your game will just slow down. So.

If i set it to 144 fps link is running so slow that it s unplayable even though. I m getting a nice high frame per second now 30 fps is most stable if you didn t know breadth of the wild actually when you have it on your console. So we you or switch. It will actually run at 30 fps by default 60.

Fps. A little too much for me. So i just keep it at 45 fps. And then whether also i just set it to clear weather.

Because i hate rain and zelda so much so i m doing a playthrough in this where it never rains..

Which is kind of cheesy. But you know i go with it and it works hasn t rained one anyway after you ve done this you should be set to play it. And you won t have to do file load every time you can see it ll just pop up in this list. I also have super mario maker and mario kart and that s why those extras are popping up.

There we go you can maximize it go fullscreen. And you can play zelda breath of the wild on pc. Now another thing you can do which you might have noticed here. If you re a longtime zelda fan is that you can also modify your save for.

Example you can see i have 40000. Rupees. At the top here. I have three wheels of stamina 30.

Hertz. And i have all 900 karak seeds. I used a bunch to expand my inventory and the travel medallion and a bunch of things i got all this stuff and 44 extra spirit orbs which technically should be impossible. Except.

I ve actually modified my save i ll leave that the fourth link in the description. If you want to do that as well and its really simple to actually do that you just go to your d apps. Sam you just where it installed semi you again ml c 0. 1.

And you just search for game. And you should see game data. Dot save. And there s a bunch of them.

But the first one to pop up just right click open file location and drag and drop. It in to that website. And then you can modify your saves and get a bunch of cool stuff like also i have 999 derek s protection and it only shows up 9 on the left. But basically i have it infinite.

So you can see watch the 9 isn t gonna go down. Even. Though i use it and for some reason. There s another glitch where basically derek s protection isn t showing up there it s not even going down.

So zelda is really fun to play this way and pretty much i m just gonna leave you a little leave it guys a little gameplay so enjoy you ” ..

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