How to Link two Bose Color II 2 Speakers in Stereo Mode Wirelessly – YI 360 VR Camera in 4k

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“Everyone on youtube. This is jeff from jeff mobile comm. I m here going to to be doing a quick 360 vlog about these bows color to speakers. So as can see this is the bows color to it is they water resistant speaker.

So you can take it in the bathroom. With you if you want to have nice music. While you re showering or something. It has microphone on top for voice.

You can use as a phone. And it also has bluetooth functionality as well as a plugin for your external cable..

These have really good sound and if you get two of these and upgrade the firmware on them. What you can actually do is link them together and make them have stereo sound. So i ll show you quickly on the top here. I ll turn it on so i will push the battery medium on button.

There thank you i love you just says it connected to my phone. I ll do the same thing with the other one turn it on battery. I connect it you i love you my phone is called i love you so i always get a lovely message. Whenever it turns on so the next thing you want to do is you want to hold down the bluetooth button and the plus button and volume down buttons simultaneously on a second goes device so that s me to press.

The bluetooth and volume down button. The second device..

This will link them up. So. Though bluetooth volume down makes. A beeping sound.

And now it s linking. He just said party mode. Now if you want stereo mode. I go bluetooth and plus again right.

So detective. This one has left for that one is right now when i play a song..

I think i ll play a bit of the jeff peters trio. Which is my own a little bit through here. I ll play that s a good song here how about recording me so it s actually playing through both speakers at the same time and interrupt. The volume sounds.

Really good so you can move these speakers around anywhere in your house. You bring parties to be the life of the party. Your party your penis about your bedroom. And how beautiful really did the quality sound wherever you are so i hope you enjoy this playback about the bose color too this doesn t work with bose colored wine or the cheaper color speakers.

Only works with a color and it only works if you actually upgrade the firmware using the bose connect app on your phone first and then it will actually allow you to do this linking up these devices. The other you can also link up some other bose speakers as well..

But i think these color are you 100 each and they re quite affordable considering the amazing sound. But you get and they also have a really long battery life usually around 6 or 7 hours. Did you charge them. So anyways hope.

You enjoy this late pack. Once again. This video is being recorded on the yfb. 60 camera hope you enjoyed the video and for more videos.

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