How to make a CD using the Philips CDR775 CD Recorder

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” re gonna look at how to make a cd using a standalone cd recorder as as opposed to using your computer to burn. A cd which everybody knows how to but today we re going to demonstrate a philips cd our audio cd recorder it is a cbr 775 audio cd recorder it has the capability of recording live or recording from analog or digital sources has the inputs on the back for both analog and digital inputs. So first thing we need to do is in one of the drawers that it has and you ll notice. It has two drawers.

So this particular unit can actually dub cds. Using these two drawers. But for demonstration. Today.

We re just going to record from an analog cassette just for fun. But what you re gonna need is an actual audio cd or a music cd are like this one this one s a cd our music cd from maxell. So we re gonna put that into the left tray and close the tray up well look over here in the dial..


And you ll notice that it s going to initialize a disc once it realizes it s an audio. Okay so let s suppose that it s initializing in the meantime you want to get to your source material and we are going to use the cts 707 cassette player recorder made by pioneer and i ve got a song queued up on there ready to go alright and once it s done initializing. You ll see on the menu here that it s ready to go just by the zeros there alright. So we re gonna go over to these buttons on this side.

And we wanted to do a record type so we re going to press that until it shows record external manual okay and then it s a press record so we re gonna go over here and press record. And it immediately will start turning numbers and then down here we re gonna hit play on our tape deck and you ll see the level here start to move here s where you re gonna change your volume you want to adjust the volume of the input and this dial you okay let s say that we have reached the end of our disk. We ve decided we don t want to record anymore. We re gonna come over here and hit record again or wait do we hit stop okay we re gonna hit stop all right and then you ll see on the screen it ll say update now the cdr 775 has the capability to just continue to add tracks.

But let s say we re done we don t want to any more tracks that s the only track. We want alright so all we have to do is go over here and hit the finalize button and then it tells us we need to press record in order to finalize and it s going to go ahead and write the table of contents to the disk you might want to check out one of my other videos on youtube. I go through and show you how to use this optimus digital compact cassette recorder..


I show you how i was able to restore it to working condition by replacing a bunch of little capacitors on the inside. So that works very well now back here. I ll just power it on for you you can see it. And if you have a particular tape that s a pre recorded tape.

It does that little sequence there where it says check tape. So very cool tape deck. Although like i said in this case. I used by pioneer cts.

7. 07 now the other thing that i didn t go over with you was connections to the cd recorder up there. And i m using this old school vsx 5900 s..


Receiver. So essentially i ve got all my inputs and outputs running into this machine. And you re due to this receiver. And then i ve marked the buttons as to what they all do so essentially all you have to do to record once you have your inputs and outputs connected to a receiver is you just press.

The source material. Which in our case was the cassette cas and start you know hit your play button. And you can record so in order to playback. What we re gonna have to do is hit the cdr button okay and let s see how are we we re about 15 seconds away from being able to play back our recorded disc and see how it did this is a really nice machine.

It has worked very well it s a little slow recording our making dubs of other audio cds. But it will do it okay so there we are we re all done now we can go here and hit play and listen to what our disc sounds like doo doo doo doo queuing up and our first track didn t have anything on it you and there s where we hit stop and we should see it go back to track one here in a second okay so it shows. There s two tracks in a total of 53 seconds on both tracks..


Now if you want to take a look at your desk. It s your eject button. There and you can turn your disk underneath and you ll see the recorded part you see it right there that lighter stripe that i m pointing out with my thumb. There is the part that was burned onto the disk.

And so the rest of the disk is actually blank okay. Now once you finalize a disk. You re done you can t go back and add to the disk. But if you don t finalize.

It you can actually eject the disk put it back in later and add tracks to it. Which is kind of cool so anyway just a quick overview of the cdr 775 cd recorder from philips and and how to make an analogue recording onto a ” ..

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