How To Make Homemade iPod Speakers

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“Guys. It s nick pembroke. If you guys have ever heard of kipkay that s s great because i m going to be making a video support of his format. I m going to be making ipod speakers for this project.

You will need at least one speaker. Although i m using two of course. You can use more than two or you can just use one you ll need this ipod cord now this was double sided..


But i cut off this end. And you will need an extra core. If you are using more than one speaker. All right now.

I m going to strip this ipod wire. Now that i ve stripped this wire. You see there are actually three wires that make it up here you have the copper the red and white wires..


And we are going to wire. This one the copper one along with the white. But before we can wire those together with the strip of the white and red now i have to strip this white cord as you can see i ve got one side done now for the other side alright. We got both sides complete now using this ipod wire again.

We are going to wire. It to the two terminals on a speaker. Here i am wiring..


The black wire to the speaker. You now two wire speaker to speaker you take this white wire and wire. It to the terminals also but you do it for both if you are using more than two speakers. You do the same thing each time all right now.

I need a music source. Anything that has a headphone jack that puts out an output. You can use that i m going to be using this ipod touch now to make my speakers look good..


I made this housing out of cardboard and i hit with some black spray paint make it look cool now to put the speakers in my housing. I need to unwire the speakers and put the speakers in and rewire it all right and we got a poke the ipod or headphone jack through the hole. My speakers were kind of heavy in my box. So to hold them up ahead to rope them together with this rope.

I got from a hoodie and i had to put a box of garbage bags under it under the speaker s to keep them up to demonstrate. It s time to pick a song as you can see place pretty well that s ” ..

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