How to make money with your Epson Workforce 7720

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” s pop mandela nation is a boy a dozen otherone now that we have our our epsom 7720. We spent a lot of money on it we invested. We have t shirts back here. We want to figure out how do we use this thing to make some money how what are some things that we can do to make some money using this printer now since we ve been talking about t shirts in our videos.

We ve been talking about vinyl presses. We ve been talking about embroidery. We ve been talking about all types of different ways. Let me show you guys one way you can use this printer to start making.

Some money right now today. A dub dub shows of course guys you re gonna need a few things first thing you re gonna need is a heat press. All right you re gonna need a heat press. Most of you already have printers so you re gonna need a printer.

If you don t have a printer. I recommend that you buy this epson 77 20 printer. Because it s really really good printer. It s a monster.

It s a fax it s a copy machine it s a printer. It has usb drive. And it has two trays two trays so you can little two sizes of different color paper different kinds of paper rather on it so i highly recommend that you guys purchase this printer. If you want to purchase this printer or anything i talked about in the video links will be down below.

So you need the heat press. You need a printer and you need transfer paper. This is jet pro soft stretch inkjet. Which is our epson 7720 a transfer paper.

I m gonna have a link for this product right in the description down below so just click. It if you want to buy one and this specific one is for light colors they also have transfer paper for darker colors..

I have some over here this one is by ek envis inkjet dark color fabric transfer paper so links once again down inscription depending on what type of shirt. You have instructions right here for applying it on the front of the package. But i recommend following my instructions which i m going to show you in just a moment. Let s get into it guys 8mm shoes.

Now guys. The first thing that you re going to want to do is find an image or design an image that you want transfer onto the shirt in my case. I m using photoshop as you can see you can use microsoft paint you can use a silhouette studio. If you have a cameo.

3. And there s a lot of different programs that you can use. But we re not gonna get in all that i m just gonna show you guys my image. And what to do okay.

So once you get your image. And you have it all laid out on 8 and a half by 11. Which is the size of our paper eight and a half by 11 canvas on your software you re going to want to go ahead and send it to print. But before it goes to print.

You re gonna have to change some settings okay. Some settings you re gonna want to make sure you click emotion side down. If you re in silhouette cameo. I believe i forget what it s called you re gonna want to reverse the image either way so that it flips around because when it prints onto the image.

You re gonna lay the transfer sheet down on with the image on the shirt. And when you pull the transfer off of the shirt. It s going to be the opposite way as it is on the paper. It s kind of kind of complicated to explain.

But you guys get what i m trying to say and you anyway you want to reverse the image. Okay after you reverse the image you re gonna send the image to your printer..

But before you send the image to your printer. Don t forget to change out the paper and put in our transfer paper just and that decide depends on what color shirt you re printing it on darker colors. You got to use dark transfer paper or lighter colors obviously use a lighter transfer paper in this case. We re putting it on white.

So we re gonna use our light color. Transfer paper. And just go ahead and send the design over to the printer and let the epson 7720 do its job and when the print comes out you can see that you have a nice image on the paper nice and respectable. So the next thing you re going to want to do is to go over to your heat press and make sure you have your heat press set to the right settings.

Meet personally. I have my heat press on 375 degrees. And i press three intervals three intervals of 20 seconds guys or 25 seconds. But either way just follow my instructions i press for three intervals of between 20 25 seconds all right 3 times.

I press it let me show you guys. 8 dub productions. I like to take my image and cut the edges off like this i m gonna bring right bring my ruler right up to the image use my cutting tool and just go ahead and cut right against the side to cut off all the images and repeat. It for all four sides all right just go ahead and cut measure cut the edges right off.

You don t have to do this. But this is just what i do and what i recommend you guys do if you want to clean nice line and you just want the image on there it s doesn t it doesn t come out bad with the image. You know you don t do this this method. But this is just what i want to do for my client.

All right because people ordered this shirt and they re paying me 15 per shirt to do it that s a great rate. I think considering you know a great profit off of it all right so now that i ve got this cut. My heat press is all warmed up. I m gonna go ahead and take my shirt lay it out alright leave my shirt out get my lint roller take off the sheet off my roller.

This one is almost done is very very sick see just want to see much done got my lint roller off the side and go ahead and roll it down to get any lint off of my shirt. I don t want any lint on my shirt..

I m not doing such a good job at this guys cuz. I m just i m just showing you guys how to do this just to show you all right so you get the lint off your shirt. Just like that in the area that the picture is gonna go on and then oop dropped it and then you take the shirt over to your heat press. Now like i said before i got my heat press set at 700 and i mean 375 degrees.

And i m gonna do three presses for 25 seconds. So i got my shirt laid out i m gonna go ahead and give it one press to get all the moisture out of the shirt lay. Nice and good one press get the moisture out. I m not even putting it all the way down and just give it a nice good press to get like i said to get the moisture out of this shirt.

All right that should be sufficient now got the moisture up. I m gonna go ahead and grab my design here lay it down on the shirt. You know we do about three fingers from the neck lay. It down got.

Our jet pro here in the center grab. Our teflon sheet over top of the ship over top of the image. All right go ahead and press. It get our first press.

All the way down locked in zoom out for you guys locked in all right. There s our first press count them down move over so you guys can see all right 20 seconds just after 20 seconds now i m gonna release and then i m gonna press again you re out a little bit press again you can see the heat press. Right. Now is it 370 degrees.

Another 20 second press just just my method guys. It s just my method that i use all right so to clear the table up and get ready for the design to come out all right. That s our second press bring it up people think i m crazy for doing this this is my method the way it works best for me the way that i get the best result. So they re impressed and i think it might be this is gonna vary depending on what press you have like i said i got a cheap chinese press.

So you guys might want to invest in a better press than i have but this works for me all right almost done and after it comes off. We re gonna get peel..

It different warm. There s our third press right here so we re done all right i m gonna take the shirt off the press all right shirt off the press come on over lay it right next to the press. All right all right now. It is still a little bit warm than i like more warmer than i d like but i m gonna start peeling it right now cuz this part right here is about the temperature.

I like all right so start peeling. Nice and easy nice and easy see i have noticed my hand placement and i use a rocking motion guys all right that not coming off to get on that side so i m gonna come up here from the top grab a corner. I use a nice rocking motion. But he ll peel it when it s warm.

I got somebody at my door right now knocking continue to peel. And as you guys can see coming out nice and good nice good crust appeal. If you guys can see this press came out great except for this minor little part right here. I think i ll let it cool off a little bit too much so you guys got to play along play around into sensitivity.

I think i could probably get that part off yep just gonna like i said. I don t have it down perfect yet. But that part came off so it s good press. Guys gotta.

See the detail guys can also see it s it s on shirt. So it s not going to be like high quality hd. But this is definitely gets the point across you see the crisp edges and this material stretches the so it s a great quality product that you guys can use to make money selling t shirts. Another alternative all right you guys can get creative with it and you already know we re gonna get creative with this you already know more videos coming soon make sure you subscribe cuz yeah.

It s going down a double action so guys you see it another great way to make money selling t shirts links in the description to all the products that i use down below great quality product soft boy man. A dub alan lee king on i was down on all social medias boy. I m out please like comment subscribe don t forget to like see boy. I m out peace turn up that while i listen to arrest me right away the best baby.

” ..

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