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“Name is dee. Mike mc. And i put on a hat for this video also also green screen that benin workout. Right fucking today.

I ll be showing you how make a good story on snapchat you guys are completely unwatchable. You want to be snapchat famous you have to be watchable. So pay attention here s a list of shit you shouldn t do for your story. If your story looks like a bunch of pictures like these you have a problem stop lip syncing.


You need to cut out the filler get rid of that shit. If i have to tap through a bunch of selfies like that guess what you re boring as fuck and i know it oh how about we make a story that doesn t make you look like a basic bitch jessica next. Thing be sincere don t be phony don t be a tv personality hey guys my name is dean. I can see you re following me on snapchat and i suck a lot i don t talk forever about shit.

Nobody cares about i just got off work. I like it was so boring. I m home and i hit like four or maybe five red lights. I m like ah nobody fucking cares if i watch your story and i see that i m putting you on a list and it s not a list you want to be on i m going to murder you alright and that covers everything you shouldn t do now let s move on to the things you should do the coolest thing about the story filter is we can walk in your shoes for a day.


We can see through your eyes and experience your day like you experienced it that being said go outside. And do shit. Oh. What a big surprise.

You actually doing things is more interesting than you not doing things show off your skills or creativity. If you don t have any skills pretend you do find something you re good at draw. See tell jokes. I don t give a shit and i don t know what you re good at.


But you better figure it out yourself use some of the tricks that i ve shown you to make your snaps better your little videos hmmm use features in clever ways. Yeah you can just use the fucking selfie lenses all day. But we ve seen it before look i i use the selfie lens on myself as a as a baby ish small child. It s more interesting than me just using it diversify your shit don t post.

Hundred snaps that are showing the same thing in a row split it up lastly be interactive do things that people on your story can respond to and i m not talking about a qa. Nobody wants to ask your boring ass. Any questions for instance here are a couple examples of things that i did that other people got to participate in wow. All right guys.


Thank you so much for letting me yell at you again. You know i fucking love yelling at you guys please like and subscribe and add me on snapchat and tweet. Me and fucking share this video and danny on instagram and like mail. Me money and like give me your cat and trying to get famous here.

Y all. Fucking. Famous as shit right now ” ..


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