How To: Mirror Effect on iMovie

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“Guys. It s jazz life and today. I m going to be showing you guys guys how to do a mirror effect in imovie. So are you going to do open up imovie of course.

And you re gonna get your clip that you want for your video just yeah. I m just gonna pick this clip. I don t know why it s like the most illest one of me i wish that i have so far in my new computer cuz yeah. I was gonna do like the cookie again.

But i was like i did it at my other videos. So i was gonna put this clip in it i was like i already did that my other video. So i m not gonna do it. But.

Anyways um are you going to do is grab your clip. And then what you want to do is you want to do the same clip..

So usually an imovie it it still highlights it for you so you can just put like it ll still highlight it for you or like you couldn t report import. It or you can just click on it press command c. And then come right here and then press command neat. Like that so it s just going to copy the clip.

So yeah. It s just going to be the same thing instead of just grabbing that i favor. If you lost your place or something. So anyways once you have the same clip of two individual that doesn t even make it once you have the same okay in arm.

It you know what i mean and then what you want to do is drag. One of them on top of the other like that and you want to press on the top one and you want to go to this button. The video overlay settings and you want to come right here. Where it says cutaway and you want to click on that.

And you have these options cutaway green soup green green blue screen side by side or picture and picture. What you re going to click is side by side and you re just going to have your clip..

Just side by side just like that now if you re wondering okay well. How do i get the actual mirror of it well are you going to do that is you can click whatever clip. You want i m guessing and just click on it. And you come right here to this.

Like filter. Um video and audio effects. Right here. It looks like a little filter thing.

But you click on that and it will open auto fat audio effect and video effect you want to come right here to the video effect. And you want to click none and will come up right here. And you can put it over here. And you have like all these different ones.

So it s pretty self explanatory. Which one we re going to do it s going to be the flip tool..

So you want to click on that and yeah. Now you will have a mirror effect. See it s like so cool like that was just so easy. So yeah.

This is like the most easiest thing that you could like possibly do on imovie. I think i hope you guys found this very helpful and it s actually really easy so yeah. But that is how you do the mirror effect. out was on my huawei watch on my android wear watch if you go into settings here and you go up to bluetooth connectivity.

I m sorry go to connectivity and then bluetooth down at the very bottom you will see play phone. Voice call on watch you see that there i turned that off so you would think that you couldn t take your phone calls on your watch. Which i don t know many people that do that much i actually do use that feature. But i thought i would try turning that off to see if it would connect to my car.

So i turned that off once again restarted both devices went to the car. And it connected perfectly to my google pixel xl..

It s worked well for 2 or 3 weeks and as a bonus. I actually answered a phone call on my android wear watch. I m not sure why it works. But it does not take priority over the car.

But apparently when the car is not connected. It is the the priority to answer phone calls. So i hope this has been a help if you have any questions relay. Them down at the bottom.

This is not a. I don t know that it s the perfect solution. But it seems to be perfect for me. It s worked out really well thanks for watching i hope ” .


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