How To: Motorola Xoom Charging Port Replacement

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“Guys will top maybe one two three he where to today. Today is what i i have is a motorola xoom. This is the original motorola xoom. I don t the exact model number on this in z6a one or six seven three or six four.

I m not sure this belonged to my uncle. He gave it to me the battery was dead. And it s not charging and that s what we re going to be doing today is i m gonna show you how to replace the charging port port on this but because i can t get into the settings. I can t find that model number and i ve looked everywhere else i can t i can t see that maybe there.

But i can t find it. But once i get this charging port replaced and i get it charged up. I ll probably annotate the actual model number somewhere around here in the video. So like i said my uncle gave this to me i ve seen him use it before he called me up.

And said charging port. Has gone bad on this thing. I can t charge. It anymore.

He bought him a new samsung tablet. So he was going to put this in his electronic. He and asked me if i wanted it so anyways that s what i m gonna do is i m gonna try and replace his charging port today. And see if that s the problem there maybe something else that s the problem.

But here s the charging cable and i ve left this thing plugged in for two days. And there s just nothing. It s not powering up at all so i got to wondering maybe. It s this cable right here.

And it still could be so so we ll see once i get done with this. But but i am gonna go ahead and place that charging port and but it s what i did is with the with the charger unplugged from the wall. I took a staple and put it down inside of this little port right here on the charger. And it went.

The staple went well below this plastic piece right here went way down in there so i was just checking to make sure that there wasn t something that was actually stuck in this thing. And that staple went way down way further than what this has to plug into here so pretty confident. There s nothing inside of here that s that s causing it from going far enough to be able to start charging. And by the way this charging idea wasn t too swift.

I don t think i m and that s that s pretty terrible to be tortured that small nothing to really hang on to that thing pulled right out maybe. That serves a purpose maybe it keeps it from from breaking or something and just pull right out without tearing anything up. I don t know. But i guess that s neither here nor there so that s what i m going to be doing is we re going to be replacing this charging port right.

Here today. And i ve already taken this thing apart once just to make sure that that i can go through the steps here. And when i first took this thing apart. I could see in the charging port that it looked like it was burned a little bit like there was some like corrosion.


But like black corrosion like if you ve ever seen. A board or something like that that s that s been spiked with with electricity or something. And where you can see something has been burned that s what it looked like on that charging port and kind of in back behind. There also so i tried to clean that up and see if maybe it was just the corrosion that was keeping it from from conducting electricity that didn t help it.

But but now you won t be able to see that but i did take pictures before so i m going to roll those pictures in right now. So you can see what i m talking about there of where you can see there s just a little bit of blackness. There and there was corrosion on the on the actual charging port and on the little board that it that it bumps up against where if there s contact made so i that clean that all up real good put it back together. And i ve tried to charge it for a whole other day and still nothing so that s my next next.

Step now is to actually replace it and it s back behind this little plate right here. And and we ll get to that in a little bit okay. The tools that you re going to need is you re going to need you re going to need the two main ones. Sorry for getting a screwdriver out here.

The two main things you re going to need is a t5 that s needed t5 and a 2 6. 3. 5. 2.

6. I think but those are the two that you need these are torx or they call them star so you need the t5 and the t6. So i went to walmart and bought this cheap cheap made in china set. I even went to my dollar store to see.

If i could find one even cheaper that just was a torx set couldn t find that and this was the cheapest one i could find at walmart with those with those. Bits this thing was 700. I believe but all the other torx sets. They had at walmart were t10 t15.

They were they were just way too big for what we needed and i ve tried i tried using a teef t4 on these screws right here and it just spins run around in the slot. Not trying to put a t6 in there. And it s just too big so it really needs to be exactly those you re going to need t5 for these and then i ll show you what you need for the others that we re going to be getting out so we need t5 for these two. So.

Let me go ahead and take those two out okay. So these first two screws right here that hold that little charging port that little plate on there these two are t5 and in this little plate right here this comes right off of there. There s this little plate and these two little screws that are t5 so set these aside make sure you keep those in a place. Where you re not going to knock them over on the floor.

Because they re going to be hard to find okay. So once you do that once you take these two screws out right here. And you take this little plate off. And the backside is just going to slide down.

Now. It s going to get down to a certain point here. And there s going to be two little tabs that catch okay right along this little groove right here and right along this little groove right here is what you need to do you ll if you look down in there shine. A flashlight in there and be pretty hard for me to do that just for you to see it but right down in there if you shine a light you ll see a little copper colored tab and so what you need to do is take your screwdriver and push it down in there and and push that tab back where it catches on to this little notch right here.


So what you do is you go in there. And you push that little tab out and it and it will release from there and allow this to slide the rest of the way down okay and a couple times. I m taking this apart. I hope those don t serve a function.

I don t think they do other than keeping it in place. But those kind of got damaged for me so hopefully. That s not gonna be a problem. Oh.

I hear i see the the number try to cover okay this is an mz this is an mz 6 04. Okay which i think i saw just second ago is to 604 cuz it has a sim card tray here the gsm connectivity hmm okay now the little charging port that we re replacing we get this out real quick is a tiny tiny little piece. It s this little tiny little thing right here. That s what it does is it sets up underneath.

This board rhett sorry it sets up underneath. This board right here. It s right it s right there alright. So first thing is there s a little there s a little clip right here there s a connection.

What you want to do is just lift this connection up real easy and this part right here has some you ll feel it has some tackiness to it a little bit of adhesive. But once you pull this connection loose this connection loose from right here. Okay then then that pulls that will pull that back to get it closed up on that so you re pulling this connection loose from that rep yep all right then once you do that there s a little plastic piece or little plastic cover it just basically pulls out of place. There.

And all this does is just provide a little bit of protection dust protection. I guess a little bit of water resistance not a whole lot. But it keeps keep stuff from going in up around right. There where your ports are open.

So you re going to pull that piece off we ll put that back on a little while okay. So it s what we need to do is this little charging port right. Here like i said is just sitting right underneath. This board right here okay.

This piece right here is sitting just up underneath. Here. There s nothing really holding it on except for the board being screwed down and just holding that in place. So it s what we need to do is just loosen.

This board kind of down here on on this side. Just a little bit just enough to be able to pull that out of place. So that we can put the new one in there okay so these are going to be the t6. I believe no those are t5 so what i m going to do is i m going to take out one two three screws here first of all one.

Two three and that s going to loosen us up a little bit there now i don t remember if that s good enough to get us loose. Enough we ll see so i m going to take these three up first all right so so far. I took that one out that went out and that went out let me just try to lift this up and up. And see.


If i can get that little charging port out. There. Yeah. That s good enough so with that you ll just kind of grab this and just flex.

It up flex it up enough this little charging port right here will pull it loose okay and let me. See. If i can get a good enough close up here well if you can tell. But there s time a little bit of blackness on the back of that copper color.

There let me compare it to this new one the old ones on the right new ones on the left you can definitely tell their difference. Very shiny on that side this one s dull from being kind of burned out so i don t know if there s something that s been burned out enough in there. That s basically kind of happened like a fuse possibly. Where it s just burned it out so much that there s a disconnect somewhere that s what i m assuming is happening so this part i got it off ebay.

I ll put a link in the description to just an example of this on ebay. But i paid six dollars for this and i went ahead and paid two dollars extra for shipping to get here a little bit quicker. So i paid nine nine dollars. Something like that okay so i m going to do now is okay so obviously.

This is where the the mail end is going to of the charger is going to go in so obviously. That s going to be going out and then these two little tabs these two little tabs this little tab right here and this little tab on the other side is going to make direct contact with the with this green board on here. So that s the way i want to sit is like this in here. It s going to sit like this where those little tabs are making contact with that board.

So what i m going to do is i m just going to flex this up a little bit here. I m going to slide that right down into place. Did their just flex that out just a little bit just enough to be able to slide that right down into place and once it falls into place it it s got on the on the backside of that there s a tiny little cutout in the plastic piece and you ll see there s a little part on the frame. Where it just fits right inside of there.

But but once you push that down in you ll feel it kind of snap click into place. And you ll you ll be able to tell. It s in there properly you can see here how the base of the plastic is right up against the frame. Here so we re good there okay so with that being said.

I guess now realize you don t even need the t6. Really the t6 is to get the battery off so. I wasn t sure which ones. I need to take off so all you need is a t5 they have said t5 and t6.

But all you need is a t5 okay so from here we re going to reassemble it pretty simple okay. So i m gonna put these three screws back in here here and here using the t5. Oh. Before i do that before we put that on we need to go ahead and put this this little plastic cover back on because it needs to slide up underneath here.

And i need a little bit of wiggle room. So i don t want those screws holding me down there so you ll see how this needs to fit up underneath. There okay that little plastic cover piece is going to slide up between right there. It s going to slide up between the board and the frame and same thing over here on the charging port tiny little piece.


It s got to go up underneath. That all right. Then also we have to put that up underneath this little clear plastic piece here make sure you put that down any that clear plastic piece. Okay this little rubber piece make sure it s underneath.

There make sure that s all seated good looks good to me okay. Now let s go and put those three screws back in so again. We re putting in this screw. This screw and the screw right here alright.

So we ve got one two three put back in now. So i m going to do is put this board back over in place. And i need to push that little connection back down on there don t force it just kind of wiggle it around massage. It around till.

You feel it and then it ll just snap right down into place don t try to manhandle that at all just get it wiggled right where it needs to be and then you can push it down. And i can feel it seated down on there real good and that s it it s replaced now it s just slider back back on here let s lid back on so. I m gonna do now is take this little plate. You can see there s two little notches.

There and there those need to go up and then it s going to fall right in just like that and there s a little bit of resistance here because of these two steel. Little prongs right here. So there will be a little bit of resistance. It s just those making connection with that right there all right those two screws put back in let s plug it and see what happens now obviously mm.

If this thing s been dead for long enough. I don t know how long it s been dead it may take a little while for it to get enough charge to be able to do anything so it may not it may not show up immediately man. That thing s dead to me. Oh.

I can see now. It is charging okay. Like i said he gave this to me completely dead. So i never really saw it working very good i mean i saw him using it.

But i really haven t ever seen when it s charging before this little white light was not coming on so i didn t know that i know that now so for sure before i did not see that white light now that white lights on i know this thing is charging and like i said. I don t know how long it s been dead. If it s been a week or two so better maybe so dead that it may take a little while to get enough charge to to do anything first. But i can tell there that we are charging.

We re good to go on that so easy little fix easy little replacement. I mean if you re even just a little bit handy you could get that fix pretty simple. Like said. Nine dollars for the part including shipping.

I paid seven dollars whatever for these for this tool set so if you even have the tool set have those torx screw drivers. The t5 actually then you re good to go so there it is looks like we re charging. And we should be able to boot back up here for too long ” ..


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