How to Properly Ground a Car Amplifier Good & Bad Examples Car Audio 101

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” s up guys. It s alan over sonic electronix today. I just kind of wanted wanted to briefly talk about how to properly ground your amplifier. You know over the i ve seen a lot of you know people just grounding their amps just with a little screw and they don t scrape the paint you know you know your power and ground both need to have a good connection.

So what i m going to show you is first off how to clean a ground you know you know clean the surface to make a good ground so we already have a 4 channel amp. That we ve already got wired up and we have the ground wire coming from that amp. Which is right here and on this particular car. We do have a factory grounding point right here.

So we re going to use this little stud right here to to use for our ground as you can see there s like a lot of paint and stuff around it..

But i m going to go ahead and do to start off is just clean that off so now you can see pretty much all the paint on that little stud. There is gone so now we have a little bit better of a surface to actually put a bolt on and ground our ground for our amplifier. So we ll go ahead and do that sweet now it s nice and snug. This isn t going to come out pull out or come loose.

And that s what you want to prevent so maybe in another future video. I ll just show some examples of what not to do sike. So we re showing you now so we got a few different grounding options here that we commonly see at the shop. And we re going to go from kind of worse to best this would be one that we see all the time.

Just one screw..

The paint s not scraped or anything like that and as you can see it doesn t hold it down. Very well. It s loose. So this leads to amp setting off.

And people think of their amp is bad. And they return it and the other one does the same thing. And it s because this is loose the next thing that would be a little bit better. Which is still not what i d recommend.

But it does work is scraping the scraping the paint and you need to use more than one screw to hold this thing in place..

So i mean as you can see i mean this thing s not moving at all and i mean this would be okay. This is what i commonly do all the time is basically scrape. The paint nut and a bolt with a lock washer and i mean this this thing s probably not going to go anywhere. I mean.

It s pretty rock solid and then the best option. If you have it available to you depending on the vehicle. That you re working on would be a factory. Grounding point.

And that basically looks like this here..

You typically going to find like a stud and i still recommend cleaning the surface. But then you can just put your ground right here put it over the stud and there s no way this this studs coming off. You know you re going to have something that s going to be rock solid that will help you with not having failure of your product. And it running for a long time and not having to return it so thanks for watching.

” ..

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