How to Put A Customer on Hold – Sample Spiels and Tips

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“Do you really have to put your customers on hold hey there nisha welcome back back to my channel. This is radio once again and you re still watching call ninja. If we are just meeting today on this channel. I share your stories and tips to help you begin and join survive.

Your calls on your lifestyle. So please consider subscribing just click your red subscribe button down below. And if you have already subscribed then thank you so much so as mentioned today. We are going to talk about how to properly place the customer on hold.

But i m not going to talk about how to do it on the phone because i don t have an a via phone or an actual phone here that you are going to use in the call center. But what i am going to share with you is when you need to place a customer on hold and the possible scripting or spiels that you can use or apply. So that you can properly put your customers on hold. And they won t be mad at you for doing so each center or each account may have its own guidelines based on what i have experienced we put the customers on hold.

When number one you need to research something and it might take some time. But you need to do a maintenance and it might also take some time number three. If you need to transfer a call to another department. Then obviously the customer needs to be placed on hold for you to be able to dial out and number four.


Even though you don t need to transfer the call. If you just need to call another department to ask something or to verify something then you need to place the customer on hold. Because something that you really have to do as you need to dial out or dial. Another department and if you notice.

I always say if you want to research and it may take some time because if the research or the maintenance does not really need so much of your time then avoid placing the summer on hold. Because it will just add to your handle time or a ht you don t know what that is yet. I will link it up there on the description or the pin comment down below. It will affect your handle time.

If you keep placing your customers on hold so instead of placing the customers in hold you can just tell your customers that you are processing. The maintenance or you are doing the request of the customer and you will just be silent on the line. While doing the maintenance that way you don t have to place the customers on hold that is if that procedure is allowed in your account later. I will give you some peels or sample script things that you can use to efficiently explain to your customer why need to place him or her on hold a lot of customers do not want to be placed on hold.

Because it might mean that they will get disconnected or it might take you so long on the line and a lot of agents also place customers on hold for no apparent reason. And i think that that is not a good customer experience. So whenever you need to place the customer and hold it has to be something that it can get value from that you are placing them on hold. Because you need to and that when you go back.


You already have a solution to the issue or to the concern here are some of the spiels or script things that you can use or you can apply when you are taking calls. But take note that your account may have again its own way of doing the whole procedure or you may be given a strict scripting and in that case you have to follow. It okay. So you can use these general scripting that i will mention right now if you are allowed to use your own that s varied question.

I may need to check on that further may i place you on hold for 60 seconds. Sure i ll be happy to check that for you can they please place you on hold for 30 seconds. While i check i m going to process the maintenance on your account now i ll just keeps. But i ll be here on the line.

If you have questions i may need to verify the information from our online banking department. Can they please place you on hold for one minute. While i contact them the further assist you i need to connect this call to our credit card department. Don t worry i ll be with you until you get connected to a specialist may i place you in hold for a minute.

While i dial. This is applicable when you need to place your customer on hold again after placing him and hold the first time mr. Smith your situation is complicated. But i m doing my best to resolve it i just need some more time to check on it can i place you in hold again for another 1 to 2 minutes.


Please. This is an example of what you can say when the customer hesitates or does not want to be placed on hold. I understand it s frustrating to wait on the line. Mr.

Pitts. But rest assured that i will be with you until your concern gets resolved. I really just need to place you in hold so that i can connect you to the appropriate department. Here are some quick tips to help you with your whole procedure tip number.

1. Always say thank you as soon as the customer agrees to be placed on hold tip number. 2. You can use may and save may i place you and hold for one minute.

But when you use can you have to say please can i please you and hold for one minute. Please tip number. 3. When you say i ll be happy to check that or is this for you remember to replace that or this was the specific concern example.


I ll be happy to check your balance for you tip number. 4. Be respectful of your customers time resolve. The concern as efficiently as you can avoid unnecessary chit chats during whole time and tip number.

5. Follow your account or companies hold procedures. And that s not for today. I hope you ve learned something from this video.

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