How to Remove Scratches for Smartphones Does this Really Work ? Ep2

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“Guys welcome back to the channel in today s episode of dusty s really work work i want to go ahead and take on displays surface scratches on displays of i m sure you ve seen videos online where you see people using toothpaste on the display using a circular motion and wipe it in a way to get rid of surface scratches on this place. Now. These could be really really annoying you see i have one right. There.

I have another one up top here and another one in the center. So i m gonna be using toothpaste to see if i can actually repair the display on this iphone. Without having to actually get a new display up phone..


So i have my rag here. I have the actual toothpaste that i m going to be using and all i have to do is simply apply the toothpaste on to display then rub it on a circular motion to see if this would actually fix the surface scratches. And this is what i ve seen online. These videos where people use toothpaste to actually remove these surface scratches.

So i m going to go ahead and use the rag and apply a circular motion on the actual display to see if i can get these surface scratches to be removed. So let s go ahead and start i ll do this for about 30 seconds. I m gonna fast forward through that part of the video to see if the surface scratches..


Do get removed by using toothpaste on the display alright. So it s been approximately 30 seconds of doing this whole circular motion on the display in the area where the surface scratches were what i m gonna do now is wipe away the toothpaste gently and see if these surface scratches were actually fixed or removed from the display. Let me go ahead and remove this toothpaste from the display. Which is a little bit sticky as you would expect alright so after applying the circular motion.

Removing all the toothpaste from the display. Let s take a look a close look the surface scratches. Still remain on the display..


One two and three so it did not work. So. This does not work at least with this toothpaste that i used it does not work and it does not fix the surface scratches on display now if you have a method where you ve tried something that actually work i will let you know in the comments down below. But at least toothpaste after rubbing it on the display for about 30 seconds.

As you saw does not remove a surface scratches. This has been another episode of dusty s really work. I hope you guys enjoy these types of let me know those comments down below and mike hitting that like button..


Thank you for watching and i ll see you guys. ” ..

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