How to Render Video for Twitter (Sony Vegas Pro 13)

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“Everybody here we try to upload some of your video to twitter and get an an error message here i have a standard video 1080p 30 frames per second in less than a minute long video click upload and here s an error message most likely this is because the twitter is very picky about the format of the video you upload most likely you have to rerender the video for twitter format in this video. I m going to show you how to do it in this video. I ll be using sony vegas pro. 13.

But the concept applies to any other video editing software first go ahead and import the video you want to render for twitter go to the explorer tab find your video and drag it in click. Yes. You could also go to file and import to import the file to vegas pro. Now we need to change the property of the video on the top right corner.

There s a little property button click that now we need to change the format to 720p format. You can choose from pre selected template now change the frame rate..

I think this is the most important thing you need to. Change it has to be 40 rain per second so. Type in 40000. And from this point on the setting is just to make the sony vegas go smooth first we have to change the pixel format your 32 bit floating point for range view transform off full resolution rendering quality best.

The last 1d into late setting. None. Now you could save this customized setting by typing. The name and then clicking on this disk drive icon.

So next. Time you don t have to do it all over again..

Now once that is done need to rerender the video go to file and render ass. Now you could start from rendering template called internet hd. 720p and go to customize template. Now we need to tweak some of the rendering.

Setting profile has to be high frame rate has to be 40 frame per second make sure you uncheck allow source to adjust frame rate. And then check. The constant. Bitrate.

Put the setting to one zero. Zero..

Zero zero zero zero zero. Seven zero four in code. Mode. At the bottom of the setting set to render using opencl if available and you could check to see if your system has opencl available by clicking on system tab click on the gpu button.

It will tell you right there. When you re done with your setting. You could save this customized template by giving it a name and click on the disk icon. Now you re ready to render give it a file name and click render.

Once wandering is done open up twitter. Page..

Quinn s upload render video. And if you do that correctly you should have no problem. Uploading your video. So they ll see it simple as that so good luck.

” ..

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