How to save/export photos from Lightroom

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“You ve edited your image the way you want you can export. It by going going up to the file. And then clicking export now this one was going to up and it s got a lot of choices. So let s just walk through each each section.

The first section is export you re going to choose hard drive. Even if it s not going on your computer. Hard drive. It s going on to a hard drive unless.

You plan on emailing it or putting it on a cd or dvd mine goes to my external hard drive. And that s ok because it s going to a hard drive then we re going to pick the export location. This is where you want lightroom to put the photo. It does not have to be in the same place.

As where the photo is the original is it can go into a separate location. Because this is the edit your original file is still on your computer. And has not been touched that s the nice thing about lightroom is it s a non destructive program. Meaning you can edit an image and your original stays the same so we are now exporting the edited version typically what i like to do is put it in the same folder that it was imported in and if it s for web.

I will choose the folder web. I don t do anything with that i don t choose custom name. But if you d like to this is where you can do it you click rename and type in your custom name here i just like to keep it the name of the file. Remember you did have the option to rename all your files.

When you imported them so maybe you did it there. But personally i don t rename my files..

This is if it s a video. This is not video. This is a image and then file settings. This is really important and if you ve ever exported something to wait either web or print.

And you put it on the internet. And it didn t look right or you sent it to a lab. And it came back wrong. This is probably where it the problem is we want to export.

It as a jpeg and our color space is srgb basically srgb is the most universal color space. And it s the best for uploading images to the internet such as facebook or instagram. There are other choices for you and although. It s tempting to pick something like pro our gp that sounds super professional.

And there are more color choices. Within that color space. It doesn t always look the best and sometimes. When you pick that one it has a grayish look to it so if you plan on putting this on the internet or printing.

It at a pro lab. I recommend the color space srgb for quality. I choose 94 and then that s all in that area for image size since this is for the web meaning. I m going to export this image because i m going to either put it on facebook or my website or instagram.

Then i will resize to fit. I choose the long edge and then i will pick a pixel link..

There s not a universal pixel size. This is something you re just gonna have to say. Which one you want if you export to facebook the current pixel size that they like for photos is 2048. So that s typically what i like to do now for my own website.

I know that my images work best at 1400 pixels. So if you are putting it on a website. You need to check and see what the pixels they want for the longest edge. But if you re putting it on facebook 2048.

It s great sometimes if i know i m only putting this image on instagram. I may just export. It at like a thousand pixels so i choose just the long edge you can choose width and height. I find that if you didn t pick the right proportions that can distort your image.

And then you can click short edges and then for resolution because this is for the web. I m going to choose 72 this is ppi pixels per inch. So this is very important when you are uploading pictures to the internet especially social media or website. You do not want them full size one it slows down the site if someone steals your image.

They are able to print. It at a higher quality. So this is kind of think about the quality of your image. We want it a little bit lower on on social media or when we re putting it on the web for this one we re going to do sharpen for screens.

We re putting it on the web and you can choose low standard or right. What i would suggest is playing around with those and seeing..

Which one you like best for your images. And how you like the way it looks basically. It s going to sharpen. It a little bit more upon export you have this option under metadata for it to export all your metadata or you can just do your copy right in contact.

Only i would choose this one because if you choose all your metadata. If you had your geolocation on on your camera. It could export that i ll export your camera your settings everything so again. This one is up to you.

But you could just say only export my copyright and contact info. Only watermarking check out the watermarking video you figure out how to make your own watermark and if you want to put a watermark on it now it s the time because this is going on the web and then for this one. I do nothing basically this says in post processing after i export. It this is what i want you to do with it open it in photoshop or export.

It to this place. I don t want it to do anything and then you re going to click export. And it ll go ahead and put the photo. Where you told it to put it which is right here.

So. If you want to choose a dimpled or you can say specific folder and then you go in here. And choose if you want to save full same folder as original meaning put it back wherever. The original is then you can choose that option right there all of that is for when you export for web.

If we want to export for print. We only need to change a few things so again i m gonna leave this the same same folder as original and i m going to put it in a different folder..

I do this so i don t mix up the two files. I m not going to rename it but again that s a personal choice. I m going to leave it as jpg. Srgb and my quality is still gonna be 94.

However with image sizing. I m not going to resize for fit. I m going to do resolution at 300 pixels per inch. Because when we print our image.

We want to make sure that we are sending them the largest file and that we send in many pixels as possible so that our image is not looking pixelated when when it we get it back. However we do not want sharpen for screen instead you can choose sharpen format paper or glossy paper. I like matt test these out if you want low standard or high your choice here with the metadata same as before i would not watermark. A printed image.

So i would leave that unchecked and then click export now after you do all of this you might find ok. These are the exact same settings. I use every time i want to send a photo to print. So if that s the case you can create a preset for your export.

I m going to call this my print export it ll put it under my users presets say create so now next time i come in here if i want to export my images for print. I don t want to go back through and check everything i can just click on this preset. And you can make another one for web. If you like so ” .


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