How to set up Donations on Twitch (Streamlabs tutorial)

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“Guys get level here and today. I m gonna show you how to set up up donations for your twitch channel. So the goal of this video is to show how to link your paypal with stream labs in order to accept donations and also get alerts when you get set donations. I m also going to show you how to set up a clickable donation panel and if you stick around till the end.

I ll give you a little bit of advice surrounding donations on twitch. Let s get right into it okay. So we re on my bots channel get on my level. Bot and as you can see it s already customized if you want to learn how to customize i have a video on that check the description and you can see i already have some panels.

But we will add a new panel. So making sure that we are connected with a riot account and we re on the right channel click edit panels and let s add a new panel we re gonna choose add text or image panel and here you can put the panel title if you want a title to show or you can just add an image. I m gonna go ahead and find a donation image and add it so click add image click here and i m gonna add a donation panel from the valor and free overlay pack available at gumroad comm slash gal level. Make sure i don t crop.

Anything boom. Click. Done is anything now you have an image with no panel title because the image already says. What it is and here.

You have the spot called image links. This is where you would put your donation link once you ve set it up ok for now we re gonna keep it like that we re gonna click submit just to see what it looks like and then we re gonna go click on edit panels again to see the result ok so this will be your donate panel. Now. I m gonna go to stream labs calm now once you here you want to login and we re gonna log in with our twitch account.

I really don t like the this bright theme that they went with ok so this is gonna be your dashboard and what you want to do is find your donation settings. So you can look around here to find it. But you can just click on this search bar and the first thing that pops up is actually donation settings. If it doesn t pop up obviously type in donation settings.

And then click on it it will bring you to this page. Ok..

So now that you are in donation settings. You have to options when it comes to paypal you have the normal paypal. This is an integration. I believe so it connects your paypal to stream labs.

And then you have paypal legacy. Where all you have to do is enter your paypal email. And you can choose any of them. But the simplest one is of course the paypal email.

So here you would enter your paypal email right and then click submit of course. I didn t enter anything that s fine and then here and yellow or gold whatever that color is they will tell you this is the url to your tip page. So what you need to do is copy this and this is the url that you re gonna put in that panel okay so let s click on edit panels find the panel and image links to just paste that oh click on it let s turn. Edit panels off and now we have a clickable link.

But that s not gonna work. Because there s a little bug with twitch. There s this little bug with. Twitch where as you can see.

Here it put. Twitchtv. Slash and then it put that so let s go back and make sure we clean that up because i accidentally actually put a space in there so let s delete that space click submit again and now our link is clickable so click on it now since. I didn t put anything in technically right now.

There s no way of donating to this account. I already created like a website. Which stream lab. So it just brings you to this to this website.

This is completely free you do not need to nub s prime to make this it s just a free version of the website. I believe you know what let me actually enter my paypal email..

So okay so right now i have a paypal email entered and in the link here i m gonna click on it well you can click here to customize it or you can just click on it it should bring you to that tip page and this is what you ll actually see okay. So you can immediately type your name type your the nation message and then the money will be sent to your paypal directly and shrim labs. Doesn t take a cut at the recording of this video. If you want to customize the page and how it looks because mine has you know mine has this background and stuff like that because i already customized it it it will bring you to a website editor.

You don t really have to go through multiple. Things you can just do the basics. But this is actually free you don t need stream labs prime to get this. I don t have string labs.

Prime on my bots. Account. Obviously. Anyway.

So this is the official link. So if you want to make sure that people don t land on like your website or whatever just add slash tip to it so here. I m gonna go ahead and add slash tip click submit and there you go okay so i m going back to swimlabs and i m going to go to my alert settings. So alert box settings and this is where we re gonna talk about like the alerts.

This is not an alert tutorial this is not an alert tutorial. I already made that i will try to point it out somewhere on the screen right now or just look in the description or look on my channel. I have this very in depth tutorial on the alerts i m gonna click on global event types i m gonna click on donation and now i have the general donation alert settings here okay i can send the test and obviously i can do a bunch of variations depending on the amount and stuff like that okay now here s the thing. I want to say for console streamers you may think hey i don t use a pct stream.

So i can t have donation alerts. But the cool thing is that stream labs has an app that you can install on your phone or tablet and through the app. You can actually see the donation. So you can just plug in your phone.

And leave the stream lapse. App..

Open and once you get a donation. You will get the alert that way you can think whoever donated and it works for you know followers subscribers and stuff like that so a tablet or a phone you definitely can use that as your alert so of course. It s not gonna show on screen. But at least it s something that grabs your attention and lets you know what s happening in real time and makes the stream more interactive.

So technically that s it that s how you create your your donation setup. So it s a link that goes in your stream labs. And then the stream labs. Link goes on your panel.

And that s it of course. You can add the alert to your stream. But this is not the tutorial for that now regarding donations. It s kind of a touchy subject money is always a touchy subject when it comes to live streaming for some reason.

I ve gotten a lot of people that told. Me that they do not have a donation panel. Because they don t want to seem greedy or or begi or whatever the thing is as a twitch viewer. We are used to donation two donations in general on stream.

So that means that a stream that does not have a donation panel is a stream that has less interaction less possible interactions than other streams. You may take like a moral high ground by saying. I don t do this for the money. But the thing is me as a viewer i enjoy triggering alerts.

And and and having the streamer react to those alerts. This is part of the fun of the interaction of streaming. So you re taking this away from me is not in your favor at all now i understand that if you do not want to accept the money that s fine. But something you can do is for example you know accept money and give it to charity of course write a paragraph let people know the money goes to charity.

But not having donations at all on your stream is not a good thing even though it might seem like it is twitch viewers or or really used to a certain standard of interaction out of all of your panels. There s only one that people can click and have something happen on stream and that s your donation of course..

If you have a sub panel etc. But you know what i mean so live streaming is all about interaction donation is an interaction just like the other now of course of course. If you have zero panels and your only panel is a donation panel people are gonna think yours come back people are gonna hate that it s it s gonna be obvious okay like that s bad. But you know having a donation panel.

When you have a bunch of other panels including an about me panel where you introduce yourself is completely fine is actually good. It s better to have a donation panel than to not have one anyways. I don t want this video to be immoral video or anything. This was a tutorial on how to set up your donations for twitch.

Whether you re a console. Streamer or a pc student. And when i say consoles like obviously. I did.

This with my computer your console is not a computer your ps4 your xbox. It s not a computer you need a laptop or a desktop you know with windows or mac os on it your phone cannot do the things that i m it s obvious for me maybe maybe. It s not it s not obvious for a lot of people complain. When i see all the comments that i get so so if you re on your phone.

Thinking that all the things that i just did you can do it on your phone. No go to the library access the computer set up your twitch channel and then you can stream from your console. That s completely fine. But if you want to customize your twitch channel and actually make it look good at some point or another you re gonna have to have you re gonna need to have access to a computer or the website like the desktop version from your tablet.

But that s i don t want to get into that anyways follow me on social media and if you re looking for some dope or release to customize your to a channel to make it look as good as the one that we just saw go to come right back on slash get level. We have a bunch of free packs and the rest is just super cheap. But it s high quality and i will see you guys next time thank you for watching stay inside wash your hands make me proud guy level out. ” .


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