How To Setup A Fitbit Aria Wifi Smart Scale

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” s up guys. The steven from tech steve hd. Comm making technology easier now i i ve been doing quite. A few.

Fitbit videos and today. I want to do video on how to set up the reo scale. Now. If you can see over here.

This particular scale is pretty cool. Because it use your application to monitor your weight to your body mass and things like that it really helps you easily use the application to track your progress so sit back relax..

And let me show you how to set it up let s get started. The fitbit reo scale you can use up to 8 users it tracks your body weight body mass and body fat percentages. It s available in black and white and also needs a toe to die 11b wi fi connections. It has a nice glass surface it has padded feets as you can see right here.

Also it has this dimpled design with really hard plastic. So it s built to last to get to the batteries. Very easy. Let s place a little lid off the bottom and here.

You have four batteries ready to go to put the scale in setup mode. Simply what it takes a battery cover off remove one of the batteries and count to 10..

Then reinsert the battery put the cover back on then you want to press the corners really fast and then you ll see setup initialized okay first thing you want to do to set it up is go to fitbit comm for its flash setup as you can see here at the bottom. You have the arya wi fi scale so before you do this you would make sure you re connected to wi fi. As you can see at the top of my screen. If you re plugged in with an ethernet cable.

This process will not work now let s connect it i m gonna go to get start it here and then from this screen. You can download windows or you can download mac let me go ahead and download the mac software now with the software downloaded go ahead and click on it to open it up now you want to click on get started. And if you don t have a count go ahead and set up one now. But i have a count so i m going to log in here you re going to go ahead and set up your profile to name your scale and also select you you can add again.

Eight different people so let s go ahead next you may get a pop up like this it s just confirming that you re connecting it to the right network. If it is it yes you as you can see is now successfully set up now let s pull up the count to see if it s there from your setup screen you can see now and it s on your list here and you can see you can add more people here..

You can add up to seven people. What you want to do is you can put their email address in there. And then once they get that confirmed they can go to your scale and set themselves up you can also edit the data here and as you stand on it and get weights. You ll see all your measurements and stuff like this right here.

You can put in your pounds. All these different kilograms. You can edit your name right there very very simple including the battery life now if you want to remove this off your counts. Very simple you click on people you click on the load negative button.

And when you remove the last person. It automatically takes it off your account that simple..

So there s my video on how to set up a fitbit aria scale. So if you re thinking about getting one they re about 129 s up to you if you want to do it. But the cool thing about this particular scale is with the fitbit watch and the skill combo. You can actually really see how your progress is like on my videos before give me a thumbs up subscribe to my channel.

And i ll see in the next one peace ” ..

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