How to setup your Family Plan for Nintendo Switch Online [Parents Guide

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“Everyone brian here for work to game and today. I m going to talk to to you guys about the family membership plan for nintendo switch online. This is a that cost 35 a year and it allows you to invite up to seven others to join a family group. Which will give them the full features of nintendo switch online for a single user for a full year.

It s 12 months but as a family group they re going to bundle discount that for you so if you re managing your account for your your your kids or your family. This is going to be the deal and the plan that you want to take because it s obviously going to be much cheaper now. It says that you can invite up to seven others within a family group..


It does not necessarily specify that they have to be within your household here as a part of the agreements. But for the most part. I m going to show you how you set up your own family group and go from there so you can see i already have a family group. I have myself my wife and we have our pretty much just generic child s account that anyone can use in this case.

So it s easy just to add a new member where you click on add member invite someone to your family group and then put in their email address for their nintendo switch on line. What you need to do. Though..


Is that whenever you put that in it s going to email them. You know hey are you wanting to join this family group and they have to click the link to accept it now it s easy to do this i m gonna include the link in the description below its accounts nintendocom. Slash family and from here you should be able to pretty much take advantage of this aspect. Again you can add up to seven people that s a huge amount especially when you look at the 35.

So if if you re managing your whole family. It s great especially when you look at it as been just which has eight profiles on it too so bo. So that each profile can take advantage of the features of the plan and if you re not aware where the features are just briefly we re gonna cover it online play nintendo switch an intendant entertainment switch system save cloud backup this is huge..


I cannot wait to see what this looks like here in the in a couple weeks. Namely because i m always just worried that like at any moment. The switch could go out and all my games are gone. So saving to the is a great feature within 2018.

The nintendos which online app apparently and various special offers so for 35 cover your whole family that s how you set up your family. If you re not aware. If you have any questions leave them in the comments below..


I d love to help you try to make the best decision you can but for work to game. My name is brian thanks so much for watching this video hope you have a fantastic day. And i ll talk to you soon take care of hey. It s me thanks so much for watching this video.

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