How To Sign Out Of Fortnite On Xbox (EASY WAY NO PC)

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“About youtube tricks youtube channel. Now i made a video couple days ago. How to to log out or sign out a fortnight on the ps4. Only using the console.

Pc. And also i made a video of how to reconnect your ps4 backup to your epic games account. Without a pc. I thought i d do a video of how to do it on the xbox scene.

There were so many comments asking me to show you how to do it on the xbox. So we have the xbox on at the moment..

I m just going to jump into the lobby as soon as i m into the lobby. I want to show you what to do to actually log out or sign out a fortnight now you don t have to do it this way you can just open up the edge explorer browser actually on the xbox and do it that way. But i m just going to show you a really quick way of actually doing it when you re actually in the lobby. So i ll just wait for the lobby to load.

And i ll show you how to log out or sign out a fortnight on the xbox one so once you actually in the lobby. If you press the settings button on your controller like i said i am on the xbox and scroll all the way down to support. I m actually using obs to record this so there is a little bit of lag from what s on my screen over there usually i have my little screen on. But i fourth put it on the big screen over there now this is the support page and some reason microsoft edge is seeking some data.

But i was going to scroll up to the address bar here and then i m just going to delete what s in the address part and just put epic games and i m gonna hit this link here it ll take me to epic games now in the top right hand corner. You can see signing so..

I m going to hit that then go over to yes. Then press. Xbox and then you can either sign into xbox by pressing the xbox button. There or put your epic games.

Email and password in which what i ll do now. Then i will get a capture challenge. So i have to verify that and now because i ve been able to fa on my account. I will receive a code over from email.

If you ve used the turf. A email authentication or using an offense occator app..

So i ll do that now i ll just put my verification code in i m going to hit continue and now. I am signed into my epic games account on my xbox. So all i m going to do now is go over to my account name and then click on accounts. We go to connections click on connections and then i m going to press disconnect on the xbox logo on the click or the boxes.

We re gonna move just down. And then simply press unlink now the epic game saw has just refreshed. I am now logged out a fortnight. So if i click the back button.

Keep pressing back and back in the lobby. Now if i try and jump into a match..

It should lock me out automatically. It s asked me to press star and it said successfully logged out now i m going to get to the account activation page. So that is me completely locked out using the xbox one to sign out a fortnight now if you want to watch a video of me reconnecting. My xbox one back up to my epic games.

Account. Only using the xbox and the xbox browser remember to drop a like subscribe and i should get back to you without video after this thanks for ” ..

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