How to Stop auto-downloading apps in Android Stop Installation of unknown apps.

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“A guys so this is an updated version of the video how to stop auto auto downloading viruses apps so guys in that video i see you they said you to disable few apps. But those apps were not available in some of the phones so but this video will solve all your problems for all your phones this video will work for any fun ok so first of all what you need to do is you need to do said. You need to open settings in settings. You ll find an option of data usage tap on it so in data usage.

Whichever whichever data source you use like you if you use cellular data or wi fi tap on it by chance if you if you don t see wi fi here you need to click on three dots..

And you can press the show wi fi button ok so if you use your cellular data so you need to move down and you need to see the app usages so see you guys if any app is helping to install few apps like download few apps unnecessary apps. So you will find it here ok guys. So whichever app you don t trust you need to have a look on that like first one is youtube. I can trust them youtube and remove the apps and users.

I recently uninstalled a few browsers so i trust them okay so these all are apps..

I can press ok google services you can trust google and android. Yeah okay so don t disable them it may cause your problem ok so then is my 0 gmail by juice. I trust all okay. But when i go down i finder i find this app with an android logo comm dot android dot supply handler ok guys so this app is using unnecessary data to download unnecessary apps guys i you know what you need to do is restrict it its background data by this switch.

When you tap on it you ll find a district app..

Background data you need to on it ok guys so once you on it it cannot use your data like internet to download the unnecessary apps okay guys. But i you will see that only three 64kb is used because because i dusted. It is background data much before okay guys so if you do that it will stop using your internet to download those apps and hence it was your have in your phone apps won t be downloaded okay guys so you guys take it background data and if you find out any other app. Then you can restrict it to okay and if you use wi fi.

Then you need you can be say you can restrict it here also okay guys then what you can do to stop auto downloading viruses apps is you can you can go to security in security you will find a button unknown sources allow installation of apps from unknown sources so switch it off okay guys once you switch it off whichever apps gets installed by chance then it won t be whichever apps get downloaded by chance which it won t be installed in your phone so it s it would be helpful okay guys so guys if the video helped you like the video commit your thoughts and doubts i read every single one of them and subscribe for more such helpful upcoming or some ” ..


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