How To Stream video to Nintendo Wii U using Plex for FREE!

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“And welcome to tgs next. Gen. With me mark today i m going to show show you how to get your wii u streaming media files from your pc it so simple with their the help of plex you ll have this running in no time at all so all we need to do first of all is go to the website. So the website is simply plex dot tv.

So jump on over there i m just going to show you a few of the things that they ve got going on if you install plex on your pc. Then you can stream to all manner of different things you can stream to mobile s you can stream to tvs. You can stream to all sorts so first just go into the website and download the software. I m doing this on a windows 8 pc.

So this is all you need to do. But you can run it on macs linux and freebsd this is multi platform. So yeah. It s brilliant while we let the file download what all you need to do is to sign up to plex tap in a username.

An email address some kind of password and whack in your birthday. This is not when i was born just so you know agree to the terms and sign up..

I ve already done this so all i need to do at this stage is sign in to the website as so so here we go. There s me mark tgs. Welcome a password and sign in once you re signed in and you have the software installed on machines then they will come up in this server list at the moment. I have none because i haven t installed it on my pc.

Yet so here. We go simply install c drive. Wherever you re going to install it and let that run once that s done click on launch and the software will open up in the bottom right corner in taskbar. As you can see here so.

When you can see that in the taskbar you can right click on it and go to media manager. Most media managers open it will open a web page and this is your central hub for administering your media server. So what you want there s a few things you can do. But the first thing you need to do is add a library.

So i m just going to show you in this video. How to add a library of movies so find the folder..

You ve got your movies in i ve got it in my videos. There and click save you might want to change the name actually just to make it a what you want it to be i m just going to call it my videos. Because it s not just movies in that folder. You might want to make it simple like that it s completely up to you so you do now you just click save.

And it will populate the list so you can see it there refreshing. I ve got a few things there a few random things samples. Clips got just tv show here a resurrection so just a sample that one and i m just going to press play this is playing it on my pc. Just so you know.

And what i m going to do i m just going to go forward a little bit in the program and go back. So once you ve gone back you can see in the list. There on deck that means. It s paused it at that stage.

And it will keep that in that state until you go on to another machine right all we need to do now is make sure that s up and running and hop over onto our wii u. And a wii u..

Does not have any media center functionality built in which is a real letdown and but because of this you can you can get this up and running get streaming going on there is netflix love film all those things. But if you want something that you re not going to have to pay for and then plex will be your best option for the wii u. So click on i ve actually saved it as a bookmark there simply is plex tv from your wii u. You can see there takes you to the same website as you went to earlier from your pc.

Now you don t need to sign up from here because we ve already signed up before installed the software everything else so all we need to do simply from the wiiu is open the web page and sign in i m just going to click on there and sign in so. What you need to do with the sign in is make sure using the same credentials as you did on your pc. That s the only way that the server is going to show up in your list. Once you ve done that just click launch and plex media manager will open.

There is a few things here to look out for on deck. This is what i spoke about previously when i was on the pc. This would actually resume what you were doing before on that video. So you can see if the other videos here that i ve got from my folder.

If you had photos if you had music if you had anything else then all that stuff would work as well. I m just going to click on the video here just to show you how the resume function..

Works once the videos open you ll see resume from and it will have the time that you stopped playing it on your pc. Very straightforward and look at that straightaway. It s playing on the wii u. This is so handy for when you re browsing between devices.

That you can resume the video instantly from another machine. It s that simple and you can also do this on 3g on your mobile as well so that is the basis of it there s a lot more to it there s a lot more you can do you can organize your folders and blah blah blah but in simple terms this is how you can get your wii u. Playing videos through your tv hd everything else so any questions please put them in the comment section. Below.

I really hope this has been helpful to ” ..

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