How to undo and redo actions in Microsoft Word tutorial

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“You ever. Edit your document make a change. And then almost immediately wish you had hadn t you can undo and redo up to 100 changes in word. 2010.

And can repeat. Any action. You take as many times as you wish let s focus for a moment on the quick access toolbar. There are three buttons.

Here the first button is saved. But then we have an undo button and the second button is usually a repeat button it shows a cycle. But if we recently used undo it will turn into a redo button that reverses the undo so it s a undo undo button. We re going to select and delete a paragraph in our document and we re going to do that again we re going to select another paragraph and delete it and then we re going to delete a third paragraph of text but maybe we wish we hadn t deleted paragraph.

Number four we can easily undo this one deletion. The shortcut key for undo is ctrl z. But we can also click the undo button here on the quick access toolbar either of those will undo the last action. We did to undo more than one action.

We could hold ctrl and hit z twice more to restore all of the actions that we have taken let s go ahead and cut again three times and remove paragraphs two three and four now once we click undo notice that our repeat button changes to redo in other words take it away again let s undo undo undo and we can then redo redo redo. So you can spend all day doin s. Going back and forth between cutting text and replacing text however. We don t have to click undo three times.

There s actually a history that s kept now the history is a little cryptic. If you didn t know what you just did it would be hard to tell what it is but this says i want to undo a clear..

Which is a delete. And i want to actually undo three of them. So i can move all the way down. Here and replace all three of those items at one time notice that because i did it at once there s only one redo available to me.

Which is to get rid of one two three so here s my bulk process this history button on my undo button. Now let s select and bold some text to repeat this formatting action notice. I don t have a redo button. Because i haven t undone.

Anything recently. I have a repeat button which would allow me to repeat the bold so i could select some other words and i could click repeat. That s actually a long way to go to do that because i m bypassing the bold button on the way. This is a good time to know the shortcut key for repeat or redo.

Which is control y. So if i wanted to repeat that formatting change on other text. I can just select text hold ctrl and hit y or i can hit the repeat button. You can repeat an action as many times as you wish so i use undo when i ve taken an action and want to change my mind about it such as deleting this text.

I use redo to undo the undo and i use repeat when i ve taken an action and then want to take that action again on another selection of text some actions cannot be undone for example you can t undo printing a document you can t undo saving a document and if there is no action to undo the undo button will be grayed out as it appears right now the undo history is totally reset. Whenever i save my document so if i save my document right now there s not only nothing to undo there ll be nothing left to redo and any time. I close my cross off word or save. A document.

These histories are totally deleted. Remember then that any time you work..

In word. You can always undo an action that you ve taken as long as you haven t saved since h match march macho mock. It thinks i might want one of these we don t so click on the select the word hit ctrl press. The mouse button and then hit ignore spelling that way it ll get rid of the red line that s underneath mock.

Now. There s also another problem. We have the letters are too big. The text is too big for that size of the box.

We have a little box here with a plus sign in it so click on it drag it down a little bit make that bigger. So we can see the word chunk drag this one up just a tiny bit click on the line. We want the line to come down. Now because the text box is bigger.

So the line has to drop down so bring it down little bit there perfect. Now let s just slide this over a little bit. The reason is we want to open up. We have a folder here full of all kinds of historic mauch chunk.

Photos. Now most of these were taken by a photographer named jack delano. All the way back in the year 1940. So we re going to start scrolling through some of these to see which ones.

We want to use this photo here is a photo of the black diamond steam locomotive. I don t think that one was taken by mr..

Delano though these were let s see we can pick from all of these we re going to look for one that would fit nicely in a rectangular box this one might work this is a photo of broadway facing up broadway. We re looking up towards high street. Now even though it looks like the coastline photo is like a more vertical photo. We re going to drag and drop now if you notice we have a black bar on the top and the bottom because of the border of the original photo and we don t really want to have that in our photo.

So what we re going to do is double click on the photo and it s going to do this we have a slider if we want to we can slide the photo itself left and right we can also zoom in if we want that s going to get rid of the border on the top and the bottom let s say you want the car maybe to the left a little bit more that way we have the the roadway in the in the center. There we go when you re set press. Done now click in the gray area to deselect now. If you notice we have a border it s a line border you can pick from different kinds of lines.

Though it could be dashed. Maybe like a coupon. We also have ones that look like markers and crayons because this is an elegant brochure. Though let s stick with the regular.

I know it looks a little bit boring. But because of what it is we re going to stay with the line. Let s make the border now you can make the border as thick as you want. But we don t want it to make to be too big let s actually bring it down to two points.

Now here you can change the color. Suppose you want a teal or a yellow or a pink color. Or a purple. You could also pick a custom color that they didn t make off from you can pick it from your color wheel.

Just click on the color wheel icon right. There..

Let s say you wanted you wanted. Teal or green or yellow or a salmon color or even a purple. You can pick all of those. But for the sake of this because it s a black and white photo.

We re going to just go with a black border and then when you re done click in the gray area now down here. Here s where we re going to type now these are this is going to be our text area so let s change this we re going to change it from latin to something that we want let s type in this is a photo of broadway in mock chunk pennsylvania. The photo was taken by jack delano in 1940 period. Okay now again you can change this to whatever you need it to be but for for the sake of this we re going to keep it like just like this now.

Let s take a look to see what photo. What photo should we use to fill in this other one let s see how about here s one of the american hotel down on broadway let s use this one we ll drag it over and if you notice we almost dropped it into the text area that can happen you can do that too if you want though. We don t want to put it there for now let s put it there let s double click. It zoom in we re getting rid of the border let s click done now we can still use a border.

It can be our border. Though it doesn t have to be the photos original border let s keep it as line of if you notice here. It s almost like a two tone brown. Let s change it to black and put it to let s put it to two points.

Because that way it s the same as the other photo and you can see we can change it another thing you can do if you want to you can make it look like it s coming off the page by adding a drop shadow now drop shadow gives you you can blur. It a little bit you can make it offset that means how far away is the shadow here s the opacity opacity ” ..

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