How To Uninstall Malwarebytes

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“Hello. Everybody today. I will be i am scott and i will be showing you you what i mean today. I m scott well anyways.

I will be showing you to properly uninstalled malwarebytes anti malware. My last one i showed you how to get rid of mcafee site advisor god that was a headache in the end of itself. But now our bite should be far cleaner because it s not made by a crappy company that doesn t know what it s doing yeah. It s hell.

I m calling you out you went into the wrong industry..

But here we go we have mauer bites open just so you can see i didn t bother updating the database. I just went on restart the computer after i installed and that s all we re gonna do but again we re gonna uninstall it we re gonna come down to we re gonna launch our uninstall our program. Yeah you can use revo or iobit. The ones that i recommend and i m gonna go more force and install and we re gonna go to malwarebytes search.

There it is when i click next now we re just gonna wait for it to yes. I want it to be completely uninstalled ok and our whites was completely removed from my computer apparently now we re gonna see how one registry item. I doubt it now what we re gonna do is we re just gonna go and we re gonna go to our computer. And we re going to go to local disk program files and we re gonna look for malwarebytes.

It doesn t appear to be here oh anti exploit don t use that anymore..

But we re gonna get rid of it ok now our bites and exploits now gone and caffey won t go away and i m gonna force it to in a couple seconds. But now right now and whoa what s this i didn t remember this you know and i ll figure out later it s probably from stupid firefall. It s all anything i can think of all right and we re just gonna look malwarebytes is here gang. We re and delete all the malwarebytes files that s clean and we ll leave mcafee files.

I don t even know why it s in the program data changed. If i go back here and may be able to delete it hate you guys they hate you intel make a functioning project make a functioning antivirus. I won t screw over everything. It s not that difficult everybody else can do it okay window.

No what am i doing alright..

So now we ve got them out all under these files now we can try nothing in temp files. Obviously now we re done we re just gonna go to where is my run there it is and type in app data. What did i type in put a quote there s no quote why is there apple computer yeah and there s now our bytes again now we re bytes is gone. I don t have opera know they re just cleaning out other crap.

I do this like weekly. I don t know why i m doing you know it s not friday all right now that s done we re gonna go read edit and we re just gonna look on the common places for the software to be as you can see mcafee is still putting much unnecessary headache on here out of there and malwarebytes anti malware holy cow. Delete all these all right malwarebytes anti malware clean from there that s c4 networking excuse. Me well i guess i wasn t a sneeze all right come down here and look for malwarebytes registry is a dark place that is a very dark place to tread that s why i don t generally care that much but for the sake of trying down and stop things.

That s why we re here you can see nothing here babe nothing here users hell this does nothing go here we go software go down and see if you have malwarebytes..

I don t see it so it looks like we re done we have actually successfully cleaned malwarebytes offer this computer yeah so thanks very much for what so thank you very much could have done it without you guys wait it doesn t make any sense. So i couldn t it so think you re on for watching please stay tuned for the next video. If you have any recommendations please make sure you drop them in the comments below and as far as ad. Aware goes actually and that s what s gonna come up right next right after this so.

Thank you very much for watching and ” ..

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