How To Use Glyph Studio External Hard Drive Review

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” m ready guys. It s going on so today. I m gonna be talking to to you about the glyph studio. Gp t.

50. Hard drive. As you can see have had this one for quite a while now and kind of personalize. It with a lot of my own stuff just over the years different places that i ve worked at things that nature decided to put you know stickers on and kind of do my own thing with but in terms of how runs and the build of it all remain the same even with the stickers and i ve had it for a long time.

And it s amazing so essentially. It s a you know production grade external hard drive its main uses are for music and other media. Very very high performance. Very reliable a lot of the glyph hard drives kind of had the same look same kind of qualities to them components and things like that and you know they are just kind of kind of it s sort of in a weird way like an industry standard.


I think it s i ve never really had any problems with it i m actually i haven t had any problems with it for all the years that i ve had it it really makes work flow. A lot better. It s super fast really fast and powering up mine is 2 terabytes. Although there are an array of sizes.

Obviously i think those look like 10 terabytes. And maybe down to like 500 gigs or you know in terms of capacity. Yeah as for the build you have a couple options when attaching it to your computer as you see right. Now i m just going with the usb 30.

Although you also have the ability to do firewire and e sata. Which i don t really know what that is i don t use it but apparently that s thing that you can put on there. So you know it s first talent can be hooked up to really almost any unit. You can think of comes with an automatic cooling system.


That keeps the unit. Nice and safe in turn keeping all your files and everything you re storing on it really safe. Which is great it s you know really really nice when you re working in smaller spaces. Because no hard drives can heat up fast especially if you know usually a place under here.

It s in between two pieces of wood not too much ventilation. So having that you know cooling fan really really works nicely. Only issue is if you re working in a smaller space you might have to cover it up because i m gonna turn it on as you ll see it runs a little bit loud as you can hear you know a little fan on the inside. So if you re working with a microphone in a smaller space that picks up a lot of noise.

You will pick this up. So you know you have to cover it up or figure out what you re gonna do with it that being said it does turn on and start up very very fast. Which is nice. It s an all metal enclosure the hard drive itself.


It s really really nice and heavy nice and durable sits down stable has these little rubber pads on the bottom to keep it nice and stable on your desk. It s built to be compatible with rack meant amounts as well so you can stick it on a rack mount if you d like and you know even though it s you know it s got that i guess waiting feel to it that that a high quality. What i like tell of a high quality way to people not necessarily heavy. Because it really is kind of fairly lightweight for what it is i m transferring it you know from studio to studio.

Quite a lot and you know it s not too much of a hassle you do always have to have a power supply attached. Which is one thing to keep in mind if you re looking for something that s portable. Something that maybe you can take on planes or you know i like coffee shop or whatever not that word right for you this is one that if you know and i worked basically between two places with this thing and i try and leave it here as much as possible almost. I really really needed 30.

What s on it lastly time machine compatible. It s performed with journaling. And yeah. Time machine compatible right out of the box.


I use it with a an apple system. I ve never used it with a windows system. Although i have read that they can be easily reformatted for windows systems. Upon opening or upon plugging in yeah.

All in all you know this one s definitely definitely a you know seeing as soon as it seen some years seen some history. But it s a great great product a lot of the glyph products are awesome the gpt 50 is one of their older models. But amazing. I ve never had any issues with it and a ton of people i work with also have this exact same model and they love it so yeah i would highly recommend this for a a really durable studio external hard drive so yeah store those files keep them safe peace how y all.

” ..

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