How to Use Styles in Excel

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“Welcome to touch my name is bob blitzer when you want to format cells in in microsoft excel. There are two basic ways that you can do it one way you could do it manually you can select cells and apply. Fonts and color and size and alignment and all that and a faster way to do it is by using styles and there are built in styles. And there are styles that you create yourself i m going to show you both if you used styles in other programs.

Microsoft. Word. Adobe. Programs or other you re already familiar with the concept.

There are two advantages to using styles first advantage is simply that it s faster. It s a lot faster to apply a single style than it is to go and start manually applying color and font and alignment and all that the other advantage is consistency. If you have a lot of cells to format. It s very easy to make a mistake here and there by maybe choosing a slightly bigger or smaller font or maybe a slightly different color.

When you re using styles. There s no room for human error. If you want to follow along this tutorial using your own excel files. That s great go right ahead or if you like you could download the zip file included in this tutorial and the zip file contains two files one file.

I have open here is called using styles and the other one. I m just going to go here to the view menu and switch windows. You can press ctrl f6 in windows or command. Except mark on the back to switch.

But here s the other one so let me just go back to the original one we ll come back to this one later. I ll first show you how to use built in styles. Now you see in this file. I have opened called using styles.

I have two worksheets and i m going to start here on the one called sales by variety and these we have some column headers typical excel stuff. I m gonna select these and what i m gonna do here is on the home tab you see i have this button for cell styles now on your computer..

If excel is wider. You might see not just a button. You might actually see some of the styles already there it works the same way either way so i m gonna click this down arrow and you have also little down arrow with a little hat on it if you re running on a wider screen. And now we have a bunch of built in stuffs now watch what happens as i roll the mouse.

I m not clicking thing i m just rolling the mouse over some of these styles and you notice how it s changing on the worksheet by the way this will not happen on the mat on the mac. You actually have to click something to preview. It but you could always undo the press command z to undo i m going to choose this one here accent one so i m actually gonna click it you see if i move the mouse away from it nothing happens i actually do have to go and click it so now i have it applied i ll just click off it see if you get a better look alright that s fine now let s go to the other worksheet here called sales by customer and also i ll select the column headers here along row 5. I ll go back to the sell stalls and i m going to choose that same style now if you choose something other than x like.

1. That s okay just make sure you re choosing the same built in style for both worksheets. Yeah. I ll click off it so you can see it alright let s go back to the first worksheet so far it doesn t really look all that great okay fine.

There s some built in formats. What s the big deal. The big deal comes when we start changing things. So.

What i m going to do is i m going to leave the mouse pointer on this one here. I ll go back to cell styles. There s the accent. One that i applied and i m gonna right click it and i m gonna choose modify now there s another way of modifying styles and i ll show you that in a little bit right now click modify.

And you see this style. Dialog box. Is showing me. What is included in the style.

So in this built in style. We have a font which is calibri 11 points..

And we have a fill which is this medium shaded blue. But we don t have numbering or alignment or borders or protection in the style. So excel. Gives you a choice of what attributes are in the style well.

I just want to change the formatting so i ll go over here and i ll click format and then we have our plain old typical format cells dialog box but what i want to do is i want to go here to alignment and i want to make that horizontally centered. So we didn t have horizontal alignment built in yet now i m going to go to the font tab and i want to make this like a franklin gothic media. I mean if you don t have franklin gothic. You can choose something else maybe calvet occur bold and i ll make this bold.

And i think i ll stick with 11 points. Just because franklin gothic tends to be a little bit bigger than calibri and i m gonna leave this you see the color is white. But i m gonna go over here to the fill tab and i want a darker color. So i m going to choose this in dark blue and that s fine.

I ll click ok and you see because we chose alignment alignment is now part of the style now nothing changes yet until i click ok and now they ve all changed you might need to make these columns a little more wide. I ll just drag across the column headers and widen them out. But here s what s really great let s go here to the other worksheet sales by customer and you see it s already changed because we changed the definition of what the style is all of the cells formatted with that style have changed and also again if you need to you can make any comms wider. If you need ok so what if you want a style that has your own custom formatting and doesn t look like any of the built in styles.

That s when you go and create your own custom style. So let s go back here to the first worksheet sales by variety and i m gonna create a style for the sheet header so let s select here i m still among sales by variety i m still in the using styles workbook. I m gonna select from a1 across here to sell f1 so all of these cells across now there are certain things that styles cannot contain i m going to click merge and center. Because i want this to be one merged cell styles cannot contain merging information also i m going to make this a bigger font.

So i want row 1 to be a little taller. So you see where my mouse pointer is here. I m going to make this a little taller and styles also can t contain row height or column width. So we have to do that manually so now let s do some style stuff.

I m going to go over here. And i want to make this aligned vertically center..

Now it s already aligned horizontally center. You could click that if it isn t on yours and let s go back here i m gonna make this let s say a kind of coffee colored background. I want to give this a border. I m gonna give this a thick box outside border and over here unlike in that format cells dialog box.

Here we could actually get previews of what the fonts look like this time i m gonna choose maybe a franklin gothic heavy and i ll make that kind of cream color. And i ll make that a little bit bigger okay so this is what i want my style to look like so to create a style out of the example formatting. We just did let s go back to cell styles and down here towards the bottom. You see where it says new cell style.

You want to click that and let s give it a name. So i ll call this sheet. Title and you see this tells us everything that s in there numbers doesn t really matter you can leave it selected or not doesn t matter. But alignment.

We see it s horizontally to the center and vertically to the center. We have the font and the fill now i applied a border so i want to make sure that the border is checked and that s it let s click ok and now let s go and apply it so i ll go over here to sales by customer and same thing. Let s select the top cells on this worksheet. Merge and center will make this a little taller now we can apply the style.

So when we go back here to cell styles. Look at that she titles at the top. She even get a preview. Just like these others just like when you re rolling these others in a preview.

I wanna click and there it is and now anytime in this workbook and i ll just go here and create a new worksheet anytime. I want to use that style. I have it available so let s say i m gonna have payroll and i ll just select a bunch of cells and again merge and center making a little bigger brand new worksheet over here. I go to cell styles.

And there it is well what about other workbooks because these sheets are all inside this workbook called using styles. So let s switch to that other workbook..

We had open go back to view go back to switch windows emerging styles you can use the keyboard shortcut if you want and zoom out here a little bit and let me select these problem is when you go over here to cell styles. You don t see those styles that we just created and the first workbook so what you want to do is down on bottom here choose merge styles. If you re using a mac. That s gonna say import styles works the same exact way then when you click it it shows the other workbook that we had open that s why i said before you don t want to close it because excel can only merge styles from other workbooks that are currently open so i ll select it click ok merge styles that have the same name yes.

That s exactly what we want to do that s what it s all about click. Yes. Now we haven t applied any styles. That s why nothing has changed yet.

But when we go to cell styles look at that you ve got this accent. One so select it in the pie. There we go and let s take um select these cells across row. One on merchants center.

Make this a little taller. And now when i go to cell styles. Here s the sheet title and i click it and there you go. And incidentally.

If you ever want to delete a style. It s just a right click you go back to cell styles. There s a style that you don t want you can right click. It and choose delete now won t delete any formatting it ll simply delete the fact that the style is there and then anything that s formatted with that style will remain looking exactly the way it did so you can see why styles are so great.

It s a lot faster to apply a style than it is to go and hunt and peck for all the different formatting components and you can see it also it eliminates human error. So there s no mistake of accidentally choosing a slightly different color or slightly different size and once you create styles you want you can see that you can bring those styles into other workbooks. So i hope you enjoyed this and you found it helpful once again for tuts. My name is bob blitzer and i ll see you next ” .


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