How to Use Your Verizon iPhone for FREE Overseas!

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“Welcome to my channel. My name is todd hata. If you haven t been here here before i make food and travel videos all over the world so check some those videos out today. I m going to show you how to use your verizon phone internationally for free and if you re on wi fi.

There s no charge at all what i do i buy a sim card in the country. I m visiting get a little bit of data package and that way i have coverage. Wherever. I am.

I m able to get my us phone calls and messages and then when i go on wi fi. It s totally free you have to make sure your verizon iphone is unlocked..

There s lots of websites online to find out how to do that once you ve made sure your phone s unlocked. You re ready to begin first you ll need to download the verizon messages plus app this is just like the iphone messages app but without imessage next download the taco tone app this is a wi fi calling and messaging app. It s totally free just sign up and pick a phone number okay so next you re gonna go to your settings. And then we re gonna turn off the imessage under the messages setting so you don t want imessage anymore.

And then you go to facetime you have to turn facetime off and then go back to settings go to notifications now we re going to go to your iphone messages app and we re going to turn off the notifications then we go to messages. Plus and allow notifications and now you ll get only one set of notifications. When you get a text and if you go to messages. Plus.

App. You ll see the number of messages you got now this step..

You do when you re ready to board. The plane and you do star 72 and your taco tone number and then call it and you ll hear a few beeps. This will notify you that your phone is being forwarded to your taco tone. Number now.

Here s a case. I got on amazon. It holds a sim card remover and a sim card. And it s also got a magnetic back so you can use it with the magnet vent holder in your rental car.

So when you buy your sim card in the international country just take your verizon card out store it in the little slot in the case. So you don t lose it put in the new sim card..

Then you re all ready to go with international data free us calls and messages on your own phone number now when you leave the country and you re heading back home just take out the international sim card. But back in the verizon sim card. Then you ll be back on the rise and network as soon as you land in the us. Then once you have verizon coverage.

Again just dial star 7 3. Make the call you ll hear some beeps and your call forwarding is over so you ll get calls right on your phone again as normal. Now for the final steps put your settings back to normal go to notifications go to messages plus turn notifications off go to your iphone messages turn that on then go to messages turn imessage on turn facetime back on and you re done your phone s all back to normal ready to use in the us. Just like before you left.

I hope you found this video. Useful..

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Singapore. Thailand philippines all within the next few months. So there ll be lots of adventures so check it out ” ..


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