How to watch downloaded movies/videos on xbox 360 with USB

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“Ladies and gentlemen. This is smitty gamer five here with a really quick tutorial in in this tutorial is how to play movies downloaded movies videos on your xbox 360 with a usb flash drive now i have to say a couple things before we do this i m not responsible responsible if you get in trouble i don t know if you like download movies illegally and yeah i m not responsible and i m not promoting that please buy the movies. Legit and put them on there i have to say that to cover my bum. But anyways you want a usb flash drive.

As you can see that s a 4 gigabyte sandisk cruiser. Now the one thing is if you have the movie you have to make sure. Your usb flash drive has enough gigabytes like mine s 4 gigabytes like i d say if you downloaded a movie like off itunes or something movie would be around 2 to 3 gigabytes a really long movie maybe up to 4 maybe not even. But there s a few things we have to do with the usb flash drive before we actually put the movie on there and this joy requires you to have a pc as you can see my desktop.

There you re going to need a pc to do this. And usb flash drive and an xbox 360. Obviously alright guys so what you want to do is you want to insert usb into your xbox 360 console. I have the newer slim version and one goes in right here come on it s kind of hard to do everything one hand.

Anything is easy. It should start to blink or should start to do something. Once you ve got it plugged in you want to grab your controller and you want to go all the way to the right to settings. You want to go to system.

You want to go down to storage click a and should say usb storage device. Now what we re doing right..

Now is we re configuring it to the xbox 360 console. So you can actually use it you just want to click a and configure now yes and another thing guys is make sure you do not have anything you want on the hard drive on a usb because whatever s on there will be deleted permanently. So yeah just to let you know anyways just click. Yes yeah just just give it a minute should say testing and configuring shouldn t take too long hey guys.

There s gonna be a lot more simple tutorials where this came from yeah. And it should say device configured. It s ready and meets xbox 360 performance. Recommendations blah blah blah.

So you are all good because if you go to storage right now social memory unit and we ll show the gigabytes that are free on it. Right now 32. All right great so now guys all you want to do back to home. And you want to unplug your usb like that you don t have to eject or anything just don t plug.

It now guys we will be putting this into the pc. And then we ll be doing another. I m going to be doing the desktop tutorial here. And i m just going to plug mine in here.

Just unplug. My usb hub and plug it in the usb flash up there..

Like that and the light should come on and should say removable disk right. There alright guys um. I will see you in the next part of the video alright guys. When you are on your pc or mac.

Or whatever you have you want to have the movie slash video you ve downloaded on your desktop now this is the dark knight rises official movie trailer. I do not own this people who produce they own it i do not own it it s not mine. I just want to watch it on my xbox. So basically you want to have that but before we do anything you want to click start go to your computer and it should say removable disk f.

Eg or whatever letter it usually puts a random letter but you ll see it s all red. Now what we did is we format it to the xbox. But we actually want to do is right click and format. You should say the gigabyte capacity.

The filesystem fat32. Don t have to change that allocation unit size just keep it to 16 and click format and you just want to click start yes make sure you have nothing on it that you want now just give it a minute and it will format the disk cuz okay that s great now you see it s not red anymore and it has this white bar. Which means that s the amount of space that has left in it if i was to drag the files in there right now would actually work if you did not form at the desk and try to drag files in there. It would not allow you to so anyways let me just do it from the start.

I know this is kind of dumb. But i just really want to make it clearly simple so no one has any questions at all having downloaded a movie slash video on your desktop bottom left corner of the screen click start computer removable disk fgc whatever it is your usb you can drag this to the side..

And what you want to do is you want to take this file drag it copy the removable disk. It should say and drop. It now depending on the size. If it s a larger file size it ll take longer if it s a smaller file size.

It won t take as long so just give it a minute click on more details and see what s going on this shouldn t take too long just because it s a movie trailer. But if you have an hd movie or video. It s gonna take longer. There s no way of escaping that alright you got about 20.

More seconds. 15. All right should be done fairly soon dada all right now after you ve done that is successfully on your usb flash drive yay ray. But don t do anything yet now what you want to do is you want to should say safely remove hard wat hardware click on that ok yeah.

This is if you re on windows. 7 click the little arrow over here and click the usb with a little green check now you really i m begging you please eject your usb. Because sometimes it does work. But most the time if you unplug.

It it will lose everything that s on the usb. I mean it doesn t happen all the time..

But it can t happen so you just want to inject crews. There when it says safe to remove hardware you want to remove your usb and i will see you in the next step. Because once you have successfully ejected your usb flash drive from your pc proceed to take it out like i already have and you want to plug it back in your xbox360 actually gonna try to get it in one try this time come on like i said everything s harder with only one hand all right you got that plugged in now. Here s the next part see to get your controller and you want to go to ok tv alright.

So what you want to do is you want to click the home button and you want to go over to media and you want to you know. This is pretty bright because on my phone was on the first little selection. There should say yeah right here system video player you want to click that and then what you want to do if you want to go down. And then basically you want to do is you want to click portable device.

And that is your usb flash drive click that and then tada you will see your downloaded movie or your video that you have downloaded now what you want to do is you want to click it and you want to click play and voila. It is that easy guys i m just show you that that really works look at that batman darkrai history. It s right there 1080p and when you want to stop it. Just press b in b.

And b and b well guys i hope you enjoyed that tutorial on how to watch downloaded movies such videos on your xbox 360 console with a usb please calm rate subscribe for more see you ” ..

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