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“What s going on youtube. So it s nathan back here with another one bringing bringing to you all the sports that you want to watch on a daily basis got all the games for you let s go and jump right into this i ll show you how to get it installed alright. So before we go ahead and get this installed. I just want to give you a quick preview and show you what you got in here you got nc double a mlb nfl nhl nba ufc wwe boxing fifa and the list goes on and i ve tested this out the nfl section.

Which is probably going to be the most popular along with the nba after nfl is over for the season. So these are the games from last sunday. Because i ve been testing this out to see if it works as for when you see this video you ll probably see different games. And you ll see the playoff game sunday games.

All that good stuff so let me just go ahead and click on a game. Just so i can show you that it works after you click on the game. That you desire to watch the links will come up if the first link doesn t work drop down to the next one and click on that link if that one doesn t work click on the next link and one of them should play the game. Alright and the source is playing definitely check this out the quality is amazing.

If i hit pause you can see that the source is playing alright let me back out of this and show you what else this add on has to offer as far as other sports alright. So i went back to this whole sports section so i could show you what else they have boxing fifa l fl tennis motogp formula f1 nascar pga cricket and any other channels down there but once again main thing nc double a mlb nfl nhl and mba will probably be watched the most if i go into the nba. I know a lot of people watch nba so you always want to use the mad titan nba directs that s the only link that i use in everything plays and works perfectly. Everything should have a mad titan logo for each sport.

And just use the mad titan. One and if i click on one of these basketball games. You ll see that play as well. But let s go and jump into the install process.

I don t want to show you too much content. So have you seen. The other nfl live tv ad on video that one was very popular so i made a updated video so let s go and get this one rolling as well all right straight to the point. I m on the amazon fire.

Stick 4k edition. You can make this work on any fire stick that you want you can also make this work on any device that runs kodi. So the first thing that we want to go ahead. And do when i cam is on fire stick go to your settings.

And then go down. And then make your way over to the right hand side to my fire tv. Once you re on my fire tv go down or actually click on my fire tv and go down to developer options click on developer options. And then turn on both adb debugging and apps from unknown sources.

Turn these on if you don t already have them turned on you ll get an additional prompt just click on turn on and proceed you ll click your home button. So we can go back to the home screen. And then the next thing we want to go ahead. And do is go to the magnifying glass left hand side and then go down and we want to type in the app called downloader will need downloader to install a few of these apps.

So let s go and spell that out do wn. Loa de r let me hit backspace and we ll go ahead and spell that correctly the er and then once you see it populated just click on the first search..

Result and click on downloader. It should load up and then it ll be the orange icon with downloader and the white download arrow and you want to click on that orange icon give it a moment to load once it does come up just click on download or click the center button on your amazon fire stick it will just automatically start downloading and then it ll install for us and just give this about 30 seconds to a minute to install once and once you see the open button just click on open will open this up all right so when it does open you ll see this allow button click on allow you ll proceed through just click on the ok button or just click your back button to bypass this and then you ll see http colon forward slash forward slash and a blinking cursor click your center button on your amazon fire stick and then a additional keypad will come up all right and here we want to type in the git dot file linked com website and that s get dot file link com. I ll give you a moment to type that in while i m typing it in as. Well and that s.

Ge. T. Dot. Fil.

E. Li and. Ke. Dcom.

Alright. Double. Check. Triple check.

Make. Sure you got that type thing. Correctly. And then head down to the bottom right hand corner.

And then we ll click on go to proceed alright so once you click go you ll see connecting and then it should be about anywhere from nine to eleven megabytes and it should install fairly quickly and then you ll see this prompt and just go down to the bottom right hand corner and we ll install fowling just click on install and give it a moment thirty seconds to a minute all right i ve installed go over to the bottom right hand corner click on open. And we ll open up following for the first time all right and then it s asking for a code. You will enter in the code to the store. 6 8.

4. 2. 9. 5.

3. 1. And just go ahead and type. That.

In. And confirm that we had that type thing. Correctly 6a. 4.

2. 9..

5. 3. 1. And then go to the bottom right hand corner and click.

Nick s alright and then continue it will proceed into the store. All right give everything a moment to load. And then you ll see additional prompt then we ll just hit dismiss on that alright. So here it is will click dismiss and then in this store.

You can download anything that you d like but for this particular video. We re just looking for cody. It s at the very bottom of this list. I ll go all the way down to the bottom until we see cody it s under the software theater.

Something like that i forget what i named it yeah. Home theater media center. Haps down below. So you want to use the top one cody 18 best home theater software and just click the download arrow directly to the right of cody 18.

And give it a moment to install and this should all also work with any cody version cody. 18. Cody 18 point four five any anything that you already have installed. If you already have cody installed.

Just leave everything installed and just pick up on the part. Where we re adding this source. So keep that in mind so no need to reinstall cody. If you already have it installed you could just pick up on when we open cody for the first time all right so it s almost in done.

Installing also i m testing i tested it on cody. 18. And everything worked flawless so in case. You run into issues.

Just get. The regular cody. 18. And you ll be fine all right so once that has finished there s a play button that comes about after the download arrow goes away after everything s done click on that play button.

And then we ll go to install cody alright. So cody does come up. And it s asking us basically do we want to install just head down to the bottom right hand corner and click on install i ll go ahead and start this process to install cody give it about 30 seconds to a minute. If it takes any longer than that just cancel it reinstall.

It and try it again and also if it fails. Most likely you already have it installed somewhere on your device..

But should say app installed once you have clicked and then we want to go ahead and open and that s in the bottom right hand corner click on open. And we ll open up cody for the first time all right so. This is the main screen for cody. The way you know that is the top left hand corner has a little power button there right there and then in the center.

There s a settings button. We want to go ahead and start with the settings and then we ll make our way bottom right hand corner and go to system. I ll have to turn on the feature that allows us to use these apps. So go down to add ons.

It s at the bottom there they make your way to the right. That s fine. We don t want to update. The version.

So i ll go to the right and we ll go down to unknown sources and turn on apps from unknown sources just go and check that box the right it s a senesce that we want to confirm yes. We want to proceed and then once you have done that click your back arrow one time and go to top left file manager and click on file manager we need to add a source so you should see add source in here just click on add source in this source. We want to type in a website name i m gonna go and put it on the screen for you all right so. I m gonna go and type this in and i ll give you a moment to type it in as well and the website on the screen is http colon forward slash forward slash team crew dot github.

I oh so let s go ahead and type this in and then once we re done we ll click on ok you okay so it looks like we have everything typed incorrectly make sure you have everything typed correctly. And we ll head over to the okay button top right hand corner there and we ll click on okay all right and then you ll go down down one to enter a media source name and we ll just call this crew. Because that s the name of the add on and that s cr e w. And then you ll go over to okay cuz.

We re done after we type in crew. And then from here just click down one again and then we ll go down to okay. If everything looks correctly for you on your screen. Just go ahead and click on ok and then from here we re all set will just click our back button.

And we ll go back one more time and then we ll make our way down to add ons from here go all the way down the add ons and then click on add ons and then from here there s a box top left hand corner it looks like an open box. We ll go up there and we ll click on the open box. And then from here we go down to install from zip file and then we click on install from zip file. We re looking for crew the name that we gave it earlier once you have found crew click on crew go down to that repository dot crew and click on that as well give it a moment to load.

Don t press. Any other buttons wait until you see that symbol there the crew. I don t installed it ll pop out from the top right hand side of the screen. Once you see that go up one to install from repository and go down.

You should see the crew in here in purple and click on the crew and go down to video add ons and then click on video add ons and then from here we re looking for the crew in purple again so once we have found it click on the crew. And then there s only one option to install so let s go ahead and install the crew and then this will come up you don t need to scroll through any of these just go to the right hand side click your right arrow two times and then you ll be hovered over ok and click on ok it ll start downloading and just give it a moment to download and we ll pick back up once it s done so the way you know it s done you ll see the last pop out from the right hand side in the top corner. There it ll go away. You ll see a checkbox to their left of the crew and then from there we just click on the crew.

And we want to open it up for the first time so go to the left and click on open it ll load you ll see keep calm and expect us and then in here. There s a wide variety of options you can try all of these..

But we re focused on the sports section. Because the sports section works perfectly. But as you can see there s numerous other things that you can do with this besides sports and then in here. I d mainly focus on nfl and nba that s just my personal preference.

But as you can see they have all the preferences for everybody who likes preferred sports. So i m go ahead and click on i agree you ll have to accept the disclaimer you can read it if you like for me. I just like to get straight to the content and then remember everything that you click on for each sport make sure that s a mad titan directs click on the mad titan so the ones that i ve tested and they work perfectly for me. And then you ll see the games listed.

In here. You ll see the times of course. You can t watch them until the time of the game show. But once the time has come click on the game.

And then it should play and very good quality for you ok so i do want to show you one more thing here so i want to show you how to find this add on and cody and all that when you first like say it s the next sunday. Yet you ll be all set for this sunday. But what about next sunday. So how do you find everything once the next sunday rolls around so let me show you this real quick.

I m gonna go ahead and click my home button on my fire stick remote all right so you just loaded up your fire. Stick you just turned it on you re looking for the games and all that for the saturday or sunday or whenever the playoff games are go down to your apps and channels and click on see all and this is for if you can t find cody on your main home screen just go down to your apps and channels go to see all apps go all the way down to the bottom you re looking for cody also if you want to add this the home screen just click the three lines on your remote and move it to the front. This will move it all the way up to the top for you that way at all they just show on the home screen for you every time under your apps and channels alright. So from here.

All we have to do is launch kodi so let s go and open this up for the first time or actually that s the second time. If you re watching this and then it ll open like this you re probably like alright. So how do i find it again go down to add ons and then from add ons you ll automatically see the crew on the right hand side. So we don t need to install anything else we just find the crew under video add ons click on the crew make your way down to the sports section and then we ll find the genre that we re looking for nfl.

Nba boxing whatever you re looking for and then from here you just click on let s say nfl then make sure you re looking for live directs. Those are your live streams and then you re looking for mat. Tighten. Those are the ones that i ve been using and those work perfectly for me alright.

So that s all i got for you today. Hope you are able to get that installed hope you re able to watch some playoff games and nba. Games. So give it a like um subscribe.

Thank you for watching. And i will see you in the next one peace ” ..

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