Improving Your Cursive Handwriting

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” ve bought a new fountain pen you ve inked it up and now you re re ready to see the beautiful writing. That s going to come out of it wait that looks exactly like your old writing is something wrong no. But fortunately. There is a solution you cursive longhand script.

When we were kids many of us ached to learn how to write in cursive. Because that s how adults wrote then after we learned most of us grew terrible at us other people couldn t read our writing almost as often neither could we we stopped using cursive in favor of printing or typing the growing numbers of people buying fountain pens has fostered a desire for a return to more attractive writing fountain pens have a wondrous ability to make people want to write old style in cursive in script..

Unfortunately. Fountain pens aren t magic wands they may instill desire but on their own they do little to affect any improvement. People flocked to the internet to get instruction on how to handwrite well. There really isn t much of a secret to it it helps if you still remember how to write the letters like you learned them in elementary school.

But even if you don t or we re never taught there are many examples available on the net that you can download for reference there are two keys to writing well with a few extras for some punch. These are focus and diligence focus is paying attention to what you were doing your intent is to write well formed letters..

So what you write is clearly legible to do this you need to pay attention to what you are doing not just the words. But how to shape each squiggle in line. How you draw each letter. This is simply accomplished by watching each letter as you draw it and especially by slowing down the biggest enemy of legible script is haste diligence means practice not just when you are learning.

But whenever you notice your handwriting suffering from bad habits creeping in usually from writing too fast or without paying attention every method of cursive instruction. Boils down to focus and diligence beyond that comes personal style..

This is where you can make handwriting your own do you like invitingly loopy letters. Do you like dynamic slants. Perhaps. You like a hybrid of printed capitals with cursive minuscule x.

. The key is to make any modification that pleases you so long as one you maintain focus and diligence and two it remains generally legible bring the changes in slowly and never be afraid to change your mind if you practice regularly..

We re talking a daily session or two for several months your handwriting will improve to where people will wonder at your skill and felicity with an ages old form of communication. ” ..

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