InDesign How-To: Create Text on a Path (Video Tutorial)

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“I m erica gamet and in this video ni. m going to show you how how to put type along a path or on a shape. Which can be nanything an angled line a squiggle a circle or really any other shape in nindesign to start here. I have a couple of paths that i ve already drawn using nthe pen tool and the ellipse tool.

I also have some text standing by first. I m ngoing to copy the text to my clipboard. Using command. Or ctrl c.


Now i need to naccess the type on a path tool. It s in the tool panel hiding under the type tool either click and hold until you see the flyout menu or you can option or nalt click right on the type tool itself with the type on a path tool rollover nthe path. That you want the text to follow you ll see the cursor change from nthe. I beam to an i beam with a little plus sign now just click and in this ncase.

I m going to paste and the text follows along the path text frames. Along na path are just like any other text frame with the selection tool. I can see nthe actual frame itself there s an in port. Where text flows in and an out nport where the text flows out you can see i have overset text.


And i d have to take nthe same steps to fix or flow. The text as i would with any other text frame now ni m going to paste the same text into the circle. I select the type on a path ntool click on the circle and then hit paste command or ctrl v . My type is a nlittle off balance so i m going to select the text here the type on a path ntool acts.

Just like the type tool. So i m just going to triple click to select all nmy text and then i m going to set the alignment to center. I know it doesn t nlook very centered it s because it s centered on where i clicked on the ncircle. But i can also adjust the in and out ports of the text on any path.


It ndoesn t have to occupy the entire path. I m going to use the selection ntool select the frame and grab one of the ports and move it that way i m ntelling indesign. Where the text frame begins and also i can tell it where it nends. If you don t want to show the path that the text is sitting on just select nthe path with the selection tool and change the stroke to none.

I copied and npasted text into these examples basically so that you didn t have to nwatch me type. But remember type on a path works just like any other text nframe you can type paste or flow in text from elsewhere. Well i certainly hope you. Nfound this.


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