iPhone Voicemail Full After Deleting Still Happening – FIX

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“Everybody kevin from helpful tutorials this videos gonna kind of continue where the last video video left off if you ve already done the last video. Which i will link top then this is part two if you re still having a problem in that didn t resolve the issue. This one should so basically on your voicemail. Here.

It s still saying no voicemails for you and when people call your voicemail. It s saying your voicemails full. But you re still not seeing them this is how we re gonna go ahead and fix it so let s go ahead and get this taken care of and if you do like iphone fixes. Tutorials and app discovery make sure you go ahead and smack that subscribe button.

I d really appreciate it so with that let s go ahead and go over to our settings. We re gonna go ahead and click on settings and where i go to general after that and then we re gonna go ahead and choose software update now i currently do not have a software update. But there have been some problems with twelve point oh mainly twelve point one and 12 point two. Though i have seen it still happening in the newer version.

But once you fix it in the newest version it stays fixed. So what we want to do is download any updates before we go any further so you want to go ahead and hit download and install make sure you re on wi fi and you re plugged in up to at least 50 it ll go through and download the update and then i ll install it i don t have a video on how to do this yet..

But when i do i ll go ahead and link it above once the phone comes back and it says this message here your software is up to date. What we need to do next is go ahead and go out of this screen. And we re gonna go into the phone. So now that we re here let me kind of explain what s going on this is called visual voicemail it shows the voicemail that are on your voicemail box.

So it s not connected correctly. Once you update the software that connections going to be fixed. But you still have to delete the messages that are in there so it starts working so what we need to do is basically what they used to do back in the stone age s and call the voicemail and delete them on the voicemail itself. So there s different ways to do this depending on which service.

You have i m gonna go over them to most popular verizon would be star eight six and now go ahead and call your voicemail automatically and it ll tell you how many voicemails you have there is a chance that it will say you need to enter a password for voicemail. If that s the case you would want to enter the voicemail password. I believe for verizon. The default is the last five digits of your phone.

Number you may have changed it though. Since then if you re solving problems..

And you can t get this set up you may need to reset your voicemail and you can do that simply by calling verizon now for at t and they don t have a star code that i was able to find. But what you would do is call your own phone number. When you call your phone note. Own phone number it ll go through and connect you with your voicemail box.

And again it may ask for a password and you can simply call at t. And they can reset it with rock calling verizon and at t. I believe resetting the voicemails all done through the automation prompts. So you really won t have to talk to anyone you just call in choose reset.

Voicemail password. And it ll reset it for you then when you get it reset. You would come back and call. Them again again.

Verizon star. Eight six at t your own phone number and then call then you d want to delete your messages..

Usually the universal key to delete messages is seven. So you would just hit seven and if it says deleted that s correct i know verizon is seven. And you would just keep hitting it every time you hear a new message. Until your box is completely empty of course you want to listen to the message first if you have not listened to it and you want to listen to it.

But if you just want to delete them you would just keep spamming the button until it says no new voicemail. So what i would do is go to a different phone. Call your phone let it go to voicemail leave a message and at that point you ll see a message pop up here. And you ll be good to go.

Now. If you updated your iphone. Like i suggested you will no longer have this. Problem because the bug was fixed in 12 point 31.

However. If you didn t delete the messages you d have to do that for it to take place going forward..

So i really hope this helped the nona thanks so much for the support from the other video. I haven t seen many comments. But i did notice that this was happening and there s not a real good solid solution. So i want to put that out there cuz.

This is what this sites all about feel free if you look at any of my videos. And you do not get fixed. Please. Let me know why and i will go ahead and investigate and i will get you that fix always about that so thank you so much for the view.

I appreciate it and i ll see you in the ” ..

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